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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I have been reading about exercise and aging and again, it inspires me and gives a lot of hope. I was not fully aware that muscles starts to atrophy at 30 but that it is very reversible by "explosive strenght exercise" I have had "natural" strength exercise up until 2010 - I bred horses and did a lot of muscle work daily in connection with that. Since then I do very little and even though I have been to the gym all autumn, I need to do more. My author otes a research from Simon Melov - he had a bunch of 70-year olds då strength exercise twice a week for six months, they should use weights that was about 80 % of their muscle strenght.
They were compared to a group of 25-year olds, not only had they won over half the gap in muscle condition, they had alsochanged 179 of the 596 genes that science knows has an impact on aging.
The conclusion is that exercise does not only stop aging, it even makes us younger!
I find this really encouraging. I am also pleased over reading that exercise is not for weight loss, I knew it from my own experience but looking at for example biggest loser you can think that it is all in the exercise... in fact a BMI up to 35 (I am unfortunately higher) gives you the same cances to live as being slim. Exercise you should do for yout health, there are a lot of benefits and according to my book it is better to be an overweight runner than a slim is always refreshing to read other angles than the common...

Another fact I diod not know - and it does not make me that happy - is that it is better to be an everyday agile person than a 230-minutes-hard-exercise-and-
then-the-couch" person. I sort of like to do the exercise and then sink into total passiveness, since my feet hurt as they do... but the research shows that it is better that I try to move around a little every 30 minutes than do longer sessions and then completely still (ther is nothing wrong in doing both emoticon )

My mood gets very optimistic after reading these things. I think that it is because they show me that I can change things a lot, it is never hopeless and I can do small things that counts. As a drama-queen I prefer to do big dramatic things but nowadays I have a hard time to find the energy...

Reminds me about my friend who worked with cows up until 55 years when her daughter took over the farm and my friend did office work until retirement. Putting on maybe 6-8 kilos, still not fat but some chubby parts you may say... after retiring she started to help her daughter with the animals again - and at seventy she looks like the greyhound she used to before 55 again...all in the lifestyle.
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    There is hope! How about using a bike or a stationary bike if walking is difficult? I want to buy one (but a good one is expensive and the cheap ones hurt the knees, I hear). You can read or watch TV while biking!
    2490 days ago
    Interesting. I have found that adding 10-15 minute exercise breaks into my day is helpful. There's a lot of strength training in yoga; but I really need to get back to the gym too.
    2490 days ago
    This is very interesting, I have noticed that since i retired i move about much less
    and therefore gained a few Lbs even though i spend time at gym, so it must be that i am sitting more ,so i have to up my daily activities.
    Thanks MEDDY emoticon
    2490 days ago
    Time for us old ones to get out of our rockers and rock it at the gym.
    2490 days ago
    You know how they say we should eat five or six "mini-meals" each day, dividing our calories and nutrients out more evenly, rather than just lumping them all into three meals? (And indeed I find I do far better with that kind of plan myself.)

    What you've read about exercise in terms of every half-hour or so, and continuing to get some exercise or activity more or less throughout the day, sort of coincides with that, to my way of thinking. It makes such perfect sense.

    Very inspiring about the "oldsters" who became stronger than the younger people. I read not long ago of a woman who didn't learn to swim until she was in her mid-seventies. She's now 90, swims every day, and seems to have stopped time - she doesn't look any older now than she did when she first started swimming.

    That's the kind of role model I need - much like this hoopster Swede I know, lol...!
    2490 days ago
    You inspire me in so many ways on a regular basis. I think you know how difficult I find it to exercise regularly but you have given me a reason here to try to be more consistent and retain/increase muscle strength. A friend here said to me recently that she wanted to be able to bend down comfortably at 80 and tie her own shoe laces - a goal I can relate to. It's a bit disturbing, however, that sinking back onto the couch is less than useful. Always my habit after I've made the effort to think - 'Phew! Been there - done that - can totally stop now!' Something to reflect on.
    Thanks for posting, MP.
    2490 days ago
    Very interesting!!!!
    2490 days ago
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