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Monday, February 11, 2013

The morning started off very dark, I was so excited to go and see if I could find some hidden treasures. Yes I am now Geocaching.
I bought a handheld GPS (Magellan explorist 310) yesterday afternoon. I found my first cache yesterday also just before supper and before darkness came on. This is what my first cache looked liked and contained.
This morning very early when it was still dark I walked with Dalhouise to the location that I had uploaded from the computer last night that told me where I would find hidden caches. I have walked past the spot so many times - I just had to find it. I had almost given up when I noticed something out of place. Not so easy. I had searched and searched - looked under - looked on top - looked all around where I was sure where my treasure hid. There was no X to mark the spot. That was so exhilarating - to find such a small treasure.
Moving on I went to my next site which was easier because the sky was much brighter now - however there was no sun - a fine mist was falling. I found my second cache much faster than the last one even though it was smaller Success ...........
I went to my third location - I spent along time there looking for it but never did find it. I went home and searched the internet for the answer to the hint given. Where do trolls hide? I was thinking caves or under a rock - I was so, so wrong. So where do they hide - under bridges - as soon as I realized this I went back because I knew where I must look.... but why did my GPS have me looking in a total different location? Success..
Off I go looking for one more cache - I see it is located near the last one - I am sure I walked around and around it but do you think I can find it. NO! I finally had to give up and go home. I also think I ended up where I shouldn't be as two huge horses come galloping over to me and Dalhouise. I am not a horse person and was afraid of Dalhouise safety - all is well - they sniff him he looks scared and stays close to me and I get myself between horse and dog, and get out of this field as fast as I can.
One more attempt - Noni and I go look for one more cache - failure once again - so close but so far away - I will try again tomorrow if it is not raining.
The GPS tells me I going the right direction - the feet measurements are getting fewer and fewer - then all of a sudden it says I went the wrong way and I am many feet from my destination -just like that! Now my wife is unhappy and wants to go home - she tells me this is not going to be her hobby. That is where my day ends with geocaching. On the plus side I was out side at least for 5 hours today and I have 13540 steps in. Also every now and then I was able to get a good picture taken.

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