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Monday, February 11, 2013

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The number one reason why I am on this journey right now is so that I don't have to take it later. I want eating well and daily exercise to become my way of life that doesn't require extra thought and effort. I know that health problems only get worse as you get older and it gets harder to bounce back and harder to change ingrained habits, so I want to get into my best shape now and make it my lifestyle. I am so inspired by the strong folks who start this journey later in life and are successful, but I hope to avoid having to find out if I am that strong!

Since that long term goal is difficult to get through to my young head sometimes, my short term (totally vain) goal is to look the best that I can. I have noticed that even dropping the few pounds that I have, more clothes look better on me. I want a smoking hot body while I'm young enough to wear revealing clothes haha. (I don't mind how I look right now, but I know I can still stand to lose a few pounds)

My other short term goal is just to see how much better I can feel physically. I was starting to really notice that I wasn't getting tired as often and that I can force my body into lifting more and running more. Some how the tiredness in the afternoons has returned (I haven't really gained extra weight and I don't think I'm skipping sleep, but I'm trying to focus on getting a little more anyway). I know that's not very specific, but I don't have any health problems that I really want to improve. I guess I just don't want to GET any health problems?

During these 8 weeks of the 5% Challenge, I want to change how slowly I lose so that I actually lose 5% of my body weight, this will be the hardest part for me.

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Trigger Food

I have two main triggers. The first is "grazing" when I get home from work. I haven't done this too often recently, but when I do it feels terrible! I get home and I'm hungry and maybe I have to go back out to the gym so dinner isn't for an hour or maybe I don't have dinner planned or maybe I don't like what I planned... And I get home and I try something sensible to start. A string cheese? Sure. Then I look around because that didn't satisfy me. A cookie from a package? Ok, but just one then put it away. And then I grab some chips or make a piece of toast and have ... (insert whatever food I can munch on) and on and on until I have probably used up all the remaining calories for the day before dinner. And then I still eat dinner or worse yet, suggest that we go out to eat which is bad for my diet in the first place! My solution will be to have dinner plans every night and to not force myself into food I don't want. This way I will look forward to my dinner and I will know when it is and what it is ahead of time. If I really need a snack when I get home, I will have some fiber bars in the cupboard and a glass of water, then chew on some gum and LEAVE THE KITCHEN. I will also try not to have junk food in the house (or at least store it out of sight)

My other trigger is alcohol. It's a two fold problem because the alcohol itself puts me over my calories for the day and then I snack while I drink. I try to stick to only a few drinks when I'm out to save money anyway, but I'm going to volunteer to be the DD more often than usual during the challenge. I need to work on enjoying myself with just a drink or two. At home it will be harder, the roomies and I usually hang out and talk and drink on Saturday nights. I have started switching to half shots when they propose them because I really like the camaraderie that comes from drinking together so I don't want to give it up altogether. And I don't mix with sugary mixers. I have either wine or water in between shots most of the time. I really need to just say no to the snacking though, or maybe buy some healthy popcorn or something to have on hand.
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    Just a couple suggestions:
    When trying to wait for dinner.......raw veggies sprinkled with the 2-calorie popcorn flavorings; crunchy parts of head lettuce; a beverage of your choice
    When drinking.......I drink light beer on ice. The bubbles of beer fill me up and the ice slows down the pace and dilutes it a little ....not to mention that I prefer the taste of beer.
    2936 days ago
    Oh my gosh - your triggers are the same as mine!

    I am trying to prevent the coming home grazing by eating a better afternoon snack so I am not STARVING right before dinner.

    The alcohol one I haven't figured out, at all. You are so right - you want to have a good time and do what everyone else is doing, but why does it feel like everyone else can have midnight pizza and not get instantly fatter? Agh!!!!!!

    Good luck!
    2940 days ago
    Stick to your goals, you can do it!
    2941 days ago
    2941 days ago

    It's so true that it is harder to change habits that have been part of our life for decades. Great job deciding to get it done now, even if it takes work, rather than leave it for later when it takes a whole heck of a lot more work.
    2941 days ago
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