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Has it really been that long?

Monday, February 11, 2013

I just noticed the date of my last blog entry. July 14, 2012. Has it really been 9 months? Holy cow! Sorry about that folks, I guess life just got the better of me.

So, how am I doing? For the most part, really good! I'm still doing my Taekwondo classes, in fact I'm on the Demo Team and we have a competition in March. That's definitely added motivation to continue kicking butt in class. :)


My running, sadly, had fallen by the wayside. This fall I had a new middle schooler plus my elementary schooler (two different schedules!), a new routine to get into, the schools are woefully understaffed due to budget cuts so now I'm spending 2 days a week volunteering, my quilting business has taken off so I'm sewing up a storm most days... You can see how I felt overwhelmed and "didn't have time" to run.


Bah! I'm going to change that! I ran on Saturday and again this morning. Honestly, I can still get a run in 4 times a week as long as I don't get lazy. If I get dressed and ready to run before sending the kids off to school Mon/Wed/Fri (the days I'm not volunteering), I can head out as soon as they're on their buses. And if I am focused and don't get sucked into the computer (ahem!), then I can still get a lot of sewing done. Maybe not as much as I could if I skipped the workout, but you know, I need to keep my future in mind. Keeping healthy NOW will mean for a better life LATER. Right?


OK, so that's my update. Slowly but surely I'm getting back into the swing of things as far as the running goes. I'm having massive IT band pain, but I expected that. I stretch and use a foam roller both before and after my runs. I need to remember to stretch and roll on days I don't run too, that will also help. I just keep in mind that I'm basically starting over, don't expect to be able to run 5 miles at once without issue... but I'll get back there soon. Today I did 2.5 miles with minimal IT band pain, so that's a start! :)

I hope all of you are having good success with your nutrition and exercise goals. :)
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