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There's a Culprit in my House!

Monday, February 11, 2013

When my 'pets' start hearing it too, I know it's not just my imagination!

There is a culprit hiding somewhere in my house -- steering me the wrong way, telling me it's OK to eat that piece of candy, or it's OK to skip taking the dog for a walk, urging me to "take a nap instead." You may have heard it yourself, I've heard there are all sorts of them running around in the world, up to their vicious brand of humor!

Just yesterday, we had returned from a long day at church, and I was starving when I arrived home; so I made two peanut butter and banana sandwiches -- my DH ate BBQ Baby Back Ribs so I felt pretty righteous in my choice. Then I checked my new emails, and in no time I was yawning my head off. I told myself I should take my dog for a walk, while it was still light outside. It was rather cool and windy, but this was the last chance of the day. And that's when I distinctly heard it again -- a small, but soothing voice telling me "I needed a nap. It's cold outside and the bed is comfy and warm. You haven't eaten hardly a thing today -- it will be fine. There is no need to exercise every single day." So --- with my eyes half closed already, I gave in and went in the bedroom to snuggle in for an hour or two of blissful sleep.

Needless to say, instead of walking, my "fat" dog decided to take a nap too. So this culprit in my house is affecting her too. She's already "husky" -- now she's leaning toward FAT!

This morning I stepped on the scale and saw I had gained 0.6 pounds by not eating hardly a thing -- and by not exercising at all. Hmmmmm! Where was the sneaky little voice now? I heard not a murmur from it. Maybe I should call the culprit "he" because surely another female would not lead me astray this way.

DH announced he didn't sleep well last night and "was going back to bed." He's left me alone in the office to battle with the nefarious little voice that haunts me. What sort of ideas will he be whispering to me today? Will I be strong enough to fight the temptation, or will I succumb?
Tune in tomorrow, same time, same station as this will be continued.......
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