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***catch it before it slips away***

Monday, February 11, 2013

This was my epiphany this morning and it is so relative to so many aspects of our lives. I had to tell myself this in regards to my week. I have not been eating horribly, but I have had either one high fat or high sodium meal every day for the past week. As I curled my hair, my heart said "catch it before it slips away". I need to catch the opportunity to post a loss for this week before it is gone. I can't dwell on what has already been digested, but I can recover by putting in twice the effort and actually thinking before I chew for the rest of the week. Right now, I can still make a difference but I have to do something NOW or this week would have been wasted.

Some of you may have had a bad few MONTHS rather than a bad day. Things happen. You made some choices you weren't proud of. Your chance to be better is not gone. You cannot changed what happened before, but you can rebound. This is your opportunity to LOVE every part of yourself and it is drifting so delicately through your fingers. Catch it before it slips away. Do you want to look back six months from now and wish you could have? You can. You still can.

This pertains to relationships as well. Whether a marriage, a sisterhood, your parents or a close friend, some of us are experiencing a strain that we don't think we can come back from. Life is a series of moments. One moment impacts the next. What if you chose, in this moment, to do something different than before. To say something sweet rather than something damaging. To touch the person you may not have touched in months. What if you DECIDED that you would spend the next 30 days loving that person NO MATTER WHAT. When they are mean, telling yourself "I choose to love him" rather than responding visciously. What if you chose to pick up the phone and call the person you haven't spoken to in ages. Not to relive WHY you haven't spoken but to honestly tell them that you miss them. If that person left the Earth tomorrow, would you be okay? Catch this opportunity before it slips away.
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