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Mini Reading From Spark Friend..

Monday, February 11, 2013

This is a mini reading from a spark friend I received about a week ago I thought I would share...


From the deck of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ~ Doreen Virtue


Archangel Michael urges you to look inward and listen for this card is a sign that your feelings are accurately tuned in to the truth. Some of these feelings may be uncomfortable to face, yet they’re with you for an important reason. If you’re conflicted, sit down with pen and paper and conduct an interview with your emotional self by asking what are your feelings? Why? What would you like me to do? Your feelings will speak loudly and clearly, if you keep an open mind and trust what you hear.

Respect your inner voice as the powerful life force that connects you to the Divine. Often God and the angels answer your prayers and offer you guidance though your physical and emotional feelings. If you say Oh it’s just a feeling. you’re ignoring vital Divine assistance. This card reminds you to listen—really listen –to your feelings.

Possible meanings: It’s time to admit that you’re unhappy in a certain situation and to take appropriate corrective action * Someone\e trying to take you out of feeling a certain way—stick to what you know and feel as your barometer.

prayer: Thank you Archangel Michael, for supporting, guiding, and protecting me as I listen to and act upon my feelings. Help me understand and express my emotions with love.


The angels have heard you and are answering your prayers. Instead of making your happiness contingent upon future events, you can decide to be happy now! One way to do so it so focus on everything and everyone for whom you feel grateful. What is working well in your life? What are your blessings and strengthens? By allowing yourself to experience joy and pleasure now, you become empowered. take control of your life and prevent outside influenced from determining how you feel.

Possible meanings: Detach from drama* Expect a miracle * Write a gratitude list * Maintain positive thoughts about this situation * Open your heart to love.

Prayer: Thank you for helping me open my heart to happiness, joy and bliss. I am now willing to see all of the goodness in my life.


This card signifies that you represent situation would benefit from healing energy, which you can elicit from the angels (just ask them) a qualified energy haler or from your own intentions and energy.

Possible Specific meanings: Take measures to boost your energy and vitality, such as exercising and eating healthfully * Enroll in an energy-healing course * Your life purpose involves energy healing work.

prayer: Thank you for sending healing energy to me and through me for my own blessings and for all those around me. Thank you for connecting me to loving and high-integrity healers and teachers of energy-healing modalities.


From the deck of ANGEL THERAPY ~ Doreen Virtue

1st card---BASE CHAKRA

Choose only positive thoughts to describe your home, career and finances, as your words determine your outcome.

This card indicates that you’re focused on your material needs, such as desiring more money. It’s imperative that you use only positive words and phrases to describe your current situation. Affirm you desires as already being a reality and avoid worry—or any discussion that casts you in a “victim” role.

The base chakra (sometimes called the “root charka”) located at the bottom of our spinal column, to the energy center that governs your feelings about your material needs. To open your flow of Divine manifestations, imagine yourself inhaling and sending healing light to the base of your spine. See and feel a huge ball of ruby red light glowing within you.

Since every worry is a prayer, drawing to you that which you’re worrying about, notice and replace worries with prayers and affirmations. Call upon the angels to boost your faith and confidence, which are two magical ingredients in conscious manifestation.

Action Steps: Sit in a quiet location and bring your mind and body to a calm state. Breathe in and out deeply while imagining your desired outcome as already being a reality. For instance, picture yourself being completely financially secure. As you hold this vision, allow your body to relax and feel as though this vision were already true. Feed the warmth of gratitude in your heart, the sense of security in your stomach and the relaxation of all your muscles as you trust that this vision is manifesting for you right now.


Use your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired outcome.

You’ve got the power~ With this card, the angels remind you of your innate spiritual abilities. perhaps you’ve been complaining about something or have been feeling like a victim under the influence of someone else’s will. This card is a reminder that you do have the power to change everything to your life by using your natural spiritual gifts manifestation. When you complain, you give away your power to others. Complaints are also negative affirmations that attract ore of the same undesirable effects. The angels would like you to replace the old complaining habit with a healthier response of visualizing and intending our desire outcome. IT works!

Action Steps

Think about a situation you would like to improve and write, draw or create a collage that describes the preferred scenario. Look at this depiction of you desires daily and don’t worry about “How” they’ll manifest. Anytime you catch yourself worrying about or doubting your manifestation abilities say: Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty please beautiful my thoughts about my dreams so that there’re completely based in love.”

3rd card---BOOKS

Your life purpose involves writing, reading, editing or selling spiritually based books. You drew this card because you’ve been asking about your life’s purpose. You already know that you have a deep infinity for sacred and spiritual books. This card affirms tat you’d be very fulfilled by taking your love of books to the next level. You’re aware of what this involves because you’re dreamed of immersing yourself in good books.

This card also means that the answer to your question is within books. So pay attention to titles that are recommended to you ‘re books that mysteriously fall from shelves as they contain guidance for you.

This card is a call for you to take definite action toward your book-related dreams. Whether you desire to write a book, open a bookstore, or read more, take the next step without delay. The angels are assisting you with this Endeavor as you‘ll read below.

Action step: Archangel Gabriel is the “messenger angel,” who helps writers, teachers and others involved with delivering spiritual messages. Either silently or aloud say: Archangel Gabriel, I cal upon you now. Please help increase my courage and confidence to move forward with my book-related desires (tell Gabriel about your dreams related to books) Thank you for motivating and organizing me so that I spend time every day devoted to my heart’s true desire, allowing my dreams to be manifested in Divinely perfect ways without delay”

my angels

You are on your way to higher ground (spiritually) Trust your gut feelings, go with it without fear. You are more gifted than you let yourself believe. You are on a fast flight upwards, hold on tight and give all else to us (angels). Let everything else fall aside."
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