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Loving Myself Challenge: Days 21-24

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What an AMAZING weekend I've had.

I Loved myself by taking this weekend to make an impromptu trip home to see my mom and spend some time with friends. I'm in residency but basically it feels like I'm away at college to me. LOL. I bought a house, I'm a doctor... but for those brief weekends when I get to go home, I get to relax and feel surrounded by love and back in my old comfy environment. No expectations, no work to do... just time to chill out.

So that was nice.

What was even nicer is that... I went on an awesome date on Saturday. :) I can't even call it date night because it started in the afternoon. But we went to dinner (I didn't want a meal because I wanted to watch my calories and we didn't have much time before the movie), then went to a movie. He picked a movie about psychiatry because I'm a psychiatrist and surprised me! (The movie is called Side Effects and is pretty awesome by the way!) Then we went bowling. I do NOT know how to bowl. And he has his own bowling ball(s) and shoes. LOL. But, he was patient and actually taught me some techniques and my score improved by like 35 points which was a huge deal! After that, we played scrabble... and ended the game with a SURPRISE tied score because it was almost 2 am and we both planned to go to church in the morning. It was a long amazing date and it felt like the time FLEW by. He and I live in different areas so we have to make the most of the time if we get it.

Anyway, here are my 5 things:

1. drove home and got to my dog in time before they closed. That saved me $30. Glad I decided to just get on the road and come back early
2. Spent time with my mom and really enjoyed it.
3. Got to go on an awesome date. :)
4. when I got home I was tired and wanted to nap, but needed to clean some and wanted t hear an online sermon. So, I got up and decided to GET IT DONE and be PRODUCTIVE! #success
5. I even got in a workout! Ran 30 mins on the treadmill and reached my goal of 10000+ steps. :)

Extra reward... I took a relaxing bath with candles and music. :)

Good night!
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