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Be careful what you wish for!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anyone remember that last month my DH nagged me into sending a letter to a possible address I had found for a girl we were in the Army with in Germany. I have been searching for her for years because I really wanted to tell her how much I appreciated all of the support she gave me when my husband left me many, many years ago. Finding women is TOUGH cuz they change their last name! It took a miracle but I was reasonably sure that I had the right person when I sent off the letter.

Yesterday she called me!!! I couldn't take the call at work and so the game of voice mail tag began! Today we finally connected on our 4th try and it was good ... so much time has passed and yet it's just like we have never had a break! She is by far one of the sweetest people I've ever met ... appears she still is! My DH and I both talked to her and, bless his heart, my DH spilled everything single thing I would have glossed over ... with glee. Like the fact I was nervous to call her back and I was worried that she might never contact me ... *head shaking*! At one point I came in the kitchen and gave him the sign for karate chop across the throat which meant STOP TELLING HER STUFF! He was embarrassing me ... but in a good way. He's such a wonderful husband!

In catching up with what's been going on in our lives in the last 22 years since we've talked I found out that she is a life style coach/consultant. I told her a little bit about my plan of attack for trying to get my stress management teaching off the ground and she was all in ... She was talking so over my head that I'm not even sure what all she said we could do to make it happen. This woman is used to marketing product and people and she is very passionate about it. I hung up thinking "Wow, amazing timing!". I have everything constructed and ready but haven't sent it anywhere. Now I have someone who is excited about helping me make it happen.

Life is certainly unexpected ... and old friendships are just like a conversation that you can pick right up in the middle and go on ....

I still can't believe it .... Wow, I'm blessed!
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