Sunday wrap up

Sunday, February 10, 2013


What a great weekend. I have been making a lot of headway into my head; too many and complex to discuss here, but some highlights.

Feeling the 'healthy' way I was feeling back in HS and college when exercising

Remembering those feelings and listening to music that is triggering those good feelings

Being happier even though I am not at my goal weight; understanding that I am very loved
by family and friends and that I should always be happy as that is 'the way'.

Seeing fat as an ugly unhealthy component of my body that needs to be reduced in a progressive, healthy and permanent manner.

Using tools like my HR monitor, new phone, computer and home gym to lead me to my healthy body and mind. My wife purchased these two things for me today; she's my best friend and biggest supporter (well my son and her fight over who supports me more). The first is a powerblock 5-55 set of adjustable dumbbells and the second is an adjustable bench to help me reach my goal.

Eating very well, except for night time - I need to understand; why at night, I crave sugar, not sweets, but actual sugar. Drinking a lot during the day so not sure what is triggering this bad habit.

My world seems to be opening up with less resistance and I am seeing more cooperation and niceness; perhaps this has to do with MY change of heart (being nicer and not as grumpy), and having an open heart to see all that is good in the world.

FAT - I am determined to avoid accumulating and burning as much as this lethal stuff as possible. Simply put; deadly stuff that is killing me and many millions of other people.

I have lost 17 pounds so far. I hope most has been fat - here are some visual representations of that amount of fat:

100 pounds of the yellow stuff below -
I have that and 80 more to lose; almost two of these tables. Bring it on; I've been like this for years and I'm ready to feel and BE healthy.

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