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Day 41

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I kept thinking about what my trainer said a few days ago--that I probably burn about 3000 cals a day easily. Which is ridiculous. Right?? So I thought I should set about proving him wrong.

I took my 8 hour work day, and subtracted any time I was passively working (not pushing a vacuum or mop--yes I'm a professional cleaner, embarassing at my age but whatever), so I figured out 6 hours. Then I checked several different sites for cal burns for cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, general cleaning, etc. The general consensus (I had to spellcheck that, it doesn't look right to me lol) is about 230-260 cals/hr for heavier cleaning, 200ish for light dusting and such.

So that would equal 1200 cals burnt minimum, 1560 max. So let's say 1350 for for shlts and giggles.

About 300 for my weight training workout. Probably more, as I'm starting to lift heavier and get a good sweat on, especially on leg day. :)

Minimum your body burns per day just existing--a little debate about that, 1000 to 1200 seems to be the numbers most tossed around. So let's go with 1100 for fun. :p


2750 cals.


No wonder I lose weight just cutting about some grazing and not adding cardio.

I wrote a whole bunch of stuff listing my bad eating habits and the whys and blahblah, then I realized.

I eat the way I do, partly because I'm very lazy with my free time and don't plan or prep much of my food.

The other part is, it's one of the few things I have control over in my long and scheduled work day, and when I get home from work, all I want to do is shut off and not think or plan or be organized for a little bit. It's a bit of 'I work soooo much, I deserve an easy yummy food' and 'too much effort' to prep and plan anything else.

I equate 'free eating' with relaxing and unwinding and being done with my responsibilities for the day.

This makes so much sense to me--it also explains why it's easy for me to make good choices for breakfast and lunch, and not so afterwards. At some point I just flip that switch off in my head and give in to my id or ego or whichever part demands gratification.

I wonder sometimes why it's so hard for me to be mature and responsible for more than half the day. Why my idea of a good weekend is to simply veg out for 2 days on the sofa with a good internet or tv show. Why I need to 'check out' all the time. Again (and I come back to this a lot) I know people with careers and kids who are 'on' almost ALL the time. And I shudder at the idea of that. I honestly don't believe I would be capable of being that kind of person. I need waaaay too much recharge time to ever effectively raise a child. I know I can do it for short periods of time, but it is very finite.

Anyway. So these are parameters I work with, and trying to find a way to eat and prep food that syncs with my 'down' time, rather than works against it.

Which means getting off my fat lazy ars at some point this weekend and actually getting things done, like food prep. Lol.

I'm also trying a 'real food' eating plan for a week. Nothing more detailed than that--see what I can come up with for ready-to-go food that isn't from a package, and lunch stuff for DH that isn't ladled with MSG and nitrates. Daunting. But my list for the week is like this:

3-4 main dinners, with leftovers for lunch/dinner one day
--Chipotle pepper marinated chicken breasts
--ground turkey with italian seasoning (maybe meatballs? Probably just a stirfry with 1/2 pack frozen mixed veggies though)
--shredded pork loin with a simple bbq sauce for pulled pork
--steaks! Mmmm. I may break down and use the Keg steak spice that I have, depending on the amount of garbage in it.

I have a pre-made salad to finish up for tonight, cukes/bell peppers/celery for a chunky salad for a few days, and some basmati rice. I think I have some quinoa as well, but I usually make that heavily coated in some kind of store-bought sauce, so I need to figure out what to do with that.

Does yogurt count as 'real' food? I'm on the fence about that. But I have a few greek yogurts left to finish, so I will. DH will still be taking granola bars to work, but I'm hoping some nice sammiches and cheese and fruit will help offset that.

Lol I think DH will be in shock if I pack his lunch at night. Ha.

I'm sure I'm probably missing a lot of stuff here, but I guess I'll figure it out as I go. Planning ahead is not my forte. :)
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  • LE7_1234
    Real yogurt is real food! Gelatin and fruit-like-substance added white glop is not yogurt, and hence it is not real food. :-)

    One of the interesting things about having kids is that suddenly you get a lot more done because you *have to* get a lot more done. My husband and I were in shock at how much we got done in how little time once the girls were born...

    And don't call yourself lazy! You work HARD, and deserve some rest. Hopefully now that you've figured out some of what's behind the grazing, it'll be easier for you to do some planning.
    1899 days ago
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