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Feeling frustrated........

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I am feeling a bit frustrated.............almost to the point of giving up! I know that I should not try to be so hard on myself but I actually gained 2 pounds this week and have been eating within my calorie range(I went over a little yesterday) and even exercised. I can not exercise like I used to because of an un-repaired torn acl. However, I did do the 30 day shred 3x this past week and still am stuck with a 2lb weight gain. I am partially upset because I can not give it my all which would allow me to burn more calories and work out every day, because my injured knee started tightening up......I am beginning to wonder if after I shed this weight if I ever will be able to exercise with the intensity I used to.

Sure slow and steady wins the race, but I tend to be a Sprinter if you know what I mean......

I just need to vent..........anyone else feeling this way??
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    Please don't give up! Hang in there! I hope your injuries heal soon and you can do the exercises that you want to do so badly.
    1951 days ago
    You can't get down on yourself. You have to figure out what went wrong and keep going. Don't let people tell you that it's probably muscle, blah blah blah. Someone who is just doing basic exercise dvd's is not going to put on 2 lbs, especially when they are in a calorie deficit.

    The biggest thing I would make sure of is that your food tracking is on point. Are you measuring/weighing everything you eat? Are you tracking the food according to the nutrition label as opposed to just typing it in SP? I would be able to give you more feedback if you would share your nutrition tracker. (You can do this in your settings when you go to edit your Spark Page.) Anyway, I know that SP might say that boneless skinless chicken breast is 35 calories per ounce, but on my label it says 27 per ounce. So you have to either add an item that's not listed (if it's something you eat a lot), OR adjust the amount to even it out. My greek yogurt is 90 cals, but it's listed as 110 in the food database. So I say I ate .82 servings so that it shows up on my tracker as 90 calories. SP might say a serving of walnuts is 182 calories, but the ones I eat are 210. You have to check and double check to make sure you are entering everything 100% correct and not eating more than you should.

    So let's assume you are tracking everything perfectly, I would look at the quality of foods you are eating. Is most of your intake coming from 100 calorie packs, or is it coming from fresh fruits/veggies, lean meats, whole grains, etc? You don't need to eat perfectly at all, I'm not saying that. But you want to make sure that you're making good choices whenever you can.

    Now let's assume you're doing that as well. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes our bodies just don't freaking respond the way we want them to. I weigh in every 2 weeks because that's how long it takes my body to truly reflect accurate weight. I could weigh in one day and be down 4 lbs. Then I'll weigh in the next week and it will be up one. Then I'll weigh in a week later and I'm down 3. It seems like I'll lose a few lbs, then my body needs to adjust. Try weighing in every other week. Focus on staying within your calorie range and being active for 10 minutes a day. Do your longer workouts when you can, but don't worry about not being able to do a super intense workout 5 or 6x per week. The majority of your weight loss comes from nutrition, not exercise. Even if you worked out every single day, it doesn't mean you'd be shredding weight at a much faster pace.

    If you do all of this and are still not losing weight, I would defintely recommend lowering your calorie range. If it says you should eat between 1500-1900, try lower it to 1300-1700. Lowering it by 200 calories should help get you results if the problem is a sluggish metabolism, and an overestimated BMR.

    I hope this helps. HANG IN THERE. You are not destined to be overweight, and you CAN lose weight. Unfortunately, not everybodys bodies work the same. Sometimes you have to find what works for you. And once you find the recipe for success, you'll start losing at a much steadier rate. Message me if you need anything. Good luck!
    1955 days ago
    Please do not give up! You are experiencing a set-back with your injury. Perhaps instead of a sprinter, you take up cross-country instead? You know, steady going at a careful pace? I am not one to give you weight loss advice, but what I can tell you is that every one on here has experienced what you are experiencing. Everyone has their moments of frustration and it's awful. You question yourself. You question whether it's worth it. Please trust that since you are here, you do know that it won't happen overnight, even though you want it to. I know I've felt that way many, many times. I wish I could snap my fingers and POOF my 100+ pounds would be gone. But, that's not ever going to happen. Don't give up faith. You have a support group here. Feel free to message me anytime should you ever need to vent. I'll be glad to listen and offer any small advice I can. But, above all, do not give up. It will be worth it in the long run.
    1955 days ago
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