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I Do Not Want To Do This Anymore

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Since June 01, 2008 I have worked out and cut my calorie content. I have worked hard. I lost 80 lbs have keep it off for 3 years. I just do not want to workout 6 days. I want to eat as much as I want and what ever I want when ever I want to eat it. It has been said if you do something long enough you will like it. Well for me it just has not happen. I have never liked to workout and I still do not like it even after 6 years.

Before June 08 I worked out 3 days a week and did not watch what I ate and of course it did no good for my weight loss.

I know some will say. Oh you do not have to work out so much. Yea, yea. I have tried less and for my b-o-d-y. It will not work.

Look I am venting now I am hoping this will help me and others who may read this.

I May Not Like It but I WILL DO IT. I just can not go back to 225 lbs. I know what ever it takes I must and will do it. I can not climb 80 lbs of fat again.

I truly like the way my body looks and feel. I Just do not like the hard work it takes to keep it there.

Even after the weight loss it takes constant awareness to keep the body in order. I know what ever I did to get my body to this place. I have to keep doing it to keep it here.

Oh but for me it is a hard road to travel, it is not easy, but who said life would be fair or easy?

Ok, Ok I am done venting. I so hope that who ever should read this, that this will help them along the way. Help you to know you are not along in your thoughts, but do not use them to give up.

Let me say that I am truly Blessed if not for getting to the 225 lbs, I would not be where I am today. I would not be in such great health.

So please do not get me wrong I am so Thankful for getting to this place, I am Thankful that the Lord saw fit to allow me to see what I needed to do to get healthy, lose weight and stay healthy.

May You be Blessed

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congratulations on your weight loss. I hear you on this. I know regular workouts and eating better will help me get there. I guess it's like a relationship you know what it took to get him/her and it's a continous work to keep them. I guess that's why a lot of relationships fail - the work gets to much. However, you seem to have a handle on your journey and it's okay to vent and let go sometimes. Hang in there and thanks for the reminder, that even when we get to the goal line we still have to keep doing what it takes.
    1958 days ago
  • LAURIE160IN2013
    White-knuckling it is hard! Here's hoping you find some answer you haven't thought of. Maybe a wonderful kind of exercise that seems like pleasure, not exercise. A treadmill desk so you can save time. A lifestyle change that allows or requires you to move more. An acquaintance of mine got a job in a mail room and had to walk all day delivering stuff to offices. It did wonders for her figure. Recently I've been extremely broke, and I literally can't afford food or the propane to cook it with, but thanks to previous purchases and food donations from others, I can get by if I eat only when I'm hungry and stop eating as soon as I stop feeling hungry. I never thought I'd be able to limit my food intake this much, but here I am doing it out of necessity, and guess what: Eating "whatever I want" is all relative. I'm so grateful to have enough food!
    Anyway, you never know what solution will come into your path....
    Good luck,
    1958 days ago
    Great blog & thank you for sharing with us....

    God bless & keep you!

    1958 days ago
    emoticon on the weight you have lost to day. It took hard work and dedication and I so understand what you are saying. I am not one for deprivation and I've found that planning does the body good. If you don't like working out maybe there's another form of physical activity that you would enjoy more and feel less like you're working out but having FUN. This is your journey, shape it the way you want to make it work. emoticon emoticon
    1959 days ago
    You have traveled a long way to get where you are. Reminding yourself the cost of going back to your old ways should help. I have never been in your shoes. I know every time I start being "good" for a while and then give up. Starting over really sucks. I couldn't imagine reaching my goal and throwing it all away for being lazy and stuffing my face full of cookies. But, if I ever do get there, wait scratch that. But, when I get there, I hope my mind is emotionally stable enough to work through having a cheat here or there and controlling the urge to overeat. That is my true goal.
    1959 days ago
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