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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hey, SparkWorld! Long time no see, huh? Yes, that's the way things go sometimes I suppose.

Quick update:

We just moved into (another) new house. Exciting! Every thing has a place and every place has a thing! I'm beginning to think that maybe I should give up on spring cleaning and just move once a year. It's amazing how much stuff you can get rid of when you move!

Overall I'm doing well. I feel grown up these days. I feel like I'm learning to love me. Sound weird (unless you're one of those Oprah-types, I suppose). But us fat people carry more baggage than our pounds. Change sure doesn't come easy... even the good kind. But I'm doing it. One day at a time. My children are getting older. I'm feeling more settled and secure in my marriage. I'm learning how to do things for me - how to make choices with "me" in mind. Pretty cool stuff.


Ok, so a friend challenged me to a 16 week BLC type thing. So of course I'm game.

And I'm happy to say that part of the challenge is daily blogging on Spark! Yippee!

So let's get this going.

Today I did Day 1 of P90X and some walk/run intervals on the treddy. It totaled over 2 hours, but I did take it easy. My upper body does feel like jelly, though, lol.

I've been sooooo hungry today. Brekky was 4 baghrir (moroccan pancakes) with a little butter n honey. Lunch was a veggie shake in the vitamix. And dinner (along with 2 snacks) was sauteed chicken breast and black beans with onion/pepper/tomato sauce over a little brown rice.

I had some notion that I was going to give up drinking coffee yesterday so I packed up the coffee machine and had some tall person get up on a chair and put it above the cupboard. I just don't like feeling "enslaved" to a drink, you know? Maybe it is my leftover baggage from living with an alchololic many moons ago... but it just feels 'wrong'. Well.... I made it until about 3 pm today until I couldn't take it anymore. Nor could I reach the coffee maker, though, so I drove to Dunkin Donuts for a large latte.

*Le sigh*

I finished it while I sat in the driveway and gathered my thoughts. Within 15 minutes I felt like I could take over the world!!! emoticon

What is that about?

Anyway. So I'm at a loss. I don't like being addicted to it.


And I don't really enjoy it black or without sugar n cream (which sets me up on a blood-sugar-roller-coaster for the day.

What's a girl to do???

I'll have a cup while I ponder that.

Okey-doke, Sparkers, it's way past my bedtime, so lemme do some quick stats here and head off:

Exercise: I'd say 3.5 hours of activity today. P90X, Treddy, heavy cleaning and assembling a set of bunk beds for the kiddos. I'd hoped to do some yogo and ab work, but maybe tomorrow.

Food: I think I did pretty well with my choices... except for breakfast. I am making a mental note to myself that I MUST prepare my own brekky first if I'm going to make something too tempting for the fam (which brings me to another topic to discuss on another day... reducing or eliminating my wheat and sugar intake). I don't think I did well with my portions though. I kept snacking out of the pot at dinner time. And while it was healthy food... I do need to work on reducing the sheer quantity of food I consume.

Life in general: I'm busy. I mean INSANELY busy. I've got 6 passing around flu-like germs this week. I'm missing out on mandatory hours for work (at home, but still important). We're down to a half a car at this point. The truck (my primary vehicle since I tote a ton-o-kids around) is in the shop and has been for 2 weeks. And hubby's car sounds like the entire front axle is about to fall out... so we're trying not to drive it except for necessity (aka - me dropping the boys at school in the morning, taking the eldest to college after that, coming back to the house to pick up hubby n take him to work, stopping back home for an hour before picking up the boys from school at 11:30, bringing them back for a quick lunch, picking up hubby by 12:30, then taking the boys to afternoon class at 1, coming back to fix dinner, work, workout, clean up, laundry and more... you name it, before they all get home again at 5 (and madness ensues). And to top it off... hubby is at home between 2-4... which just throws a monkey wrench in my "me time"... and just my groove altogether. Bleh.

Eh. Its late, I'm tired. Nightie-nite, Sparkworld.

Btw, I'm starting off this BLC at 242 lbs. Yuck. I didn't even like typing that... but just to make it all official-like... there we go.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Woohoo...great to see you back...I have missed you not being here and it is nice to have you back....

    Go the can so do this and succeed
    1924 days ago
    Much success to you on this 16-week BLC Challenge! You can do it! emoticon
    1931 days ago
    You CAN do this!!! I've actually signed up for the next round of BLC in May...I'm soo hoping I get in...but in the meantime I'm doing a "me challenge"...for the next 4 weeks...I've already done one week and almost 4 lbs down in one week!!! So yah even though you have a crazy busy schedule, yah for you getting yourself healthy and making it work! You can do it!!
    1931 days ago
    Great blog emoticon if I were you don't try cutting everything out at once - that's hard and depressing - go slow cut the coffee down bit by bit emoticon
    1931 days ago
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