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Saturday Frustrations and Fixing it with Archery

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hello SparkFriends!

I started off today on a good note...
I had a decent story idea in my dreams and I actually remembered it as I was waking up, enough that I got the bare bones down on paper before it flew back into the Dreaming Land... which means that it's now mine! (Insert Evil Laughter Here)

And then it got a bit frustrating...
I got on the scale and it told me 163 lbs.
My weigh in last week was 162.6, and I'd gotten down to 160 even on Thursday, so I was not very happy to see this number.

Breathe. Reflect.
Too many brownies in the last couple of days. Fried rice, egg salad sandwich, and lasagna in one day does not a good lifestyle make. Going over the sodium allowances several days this week does not help. Snacking (multiple times) after dinner does not help either.
Only doing part of your workout last night didn't help either, girl.
Now Breathe... and get your butt moving!

Decent breakfast. 1/2 big bagel, cream cheese, and fruity yogurt.

So I went out and did my 4.5 mile walk, followed by Week 2 Day 1 of Couch to 5 K running intervals. And I made it all the way through! But I did discover I need to go re-download the podcast since mine actually cuts off early... no big deal, I just skipped the track back to the last running interval and played it from there to get my last interval and cooldown in.

Calories burned:551

Lunch was split pea soup, more yogurt (I need the calcium!) and a few crackers.

Then I got to the highlight of my day... My archery.
Today was a spectacular day! Sunny, but a little cool in the shade. The perfect day to be outside!
Anyway, I've had my recurve bow since I was 17. It's just for recreational use, I don't go hunting with it. I have 25 lb limbs on it, which is not all that much granted, but it's a decent number and I have not used it in about 2 years.
It's an absolutely lovely electric blue! And Dad painted my stabilizer the same color! Isn't it awesome?!

I'm currently using the lime green and white feathered arrows, but I have some lime green and purple ones, too!

It needed a new bowstring. I had bought 2 extras a couple years back, but never gotten around to changing the string. And let me tell you, it was not easy trying to find where I had put the silly strings, either!
At one point I had them in my chest of drawers, for easy access... Not there. I remembered putting them in one of my wooden boxes... Check every single wooden box I have in my room(5)...Not there. Check my plastic tubs and organization bins(which aren't very organized)...nope.
I then proceeded to check my toolbox/artbox because it used to be my archery box....Found a knock placement pin and the knock pliers, I'll need that! Check my old quiver... found the beeswax I'll need for the new string! But no new strings... Clean out closet...AHAH! Found it.

Bowstring is now twisted, waxed, knocked, and on the bow!
And there was enough light that I could go out and play, too! WooHoo!
So much fun!
No bullseyes though... yet.
It'll come back to me soon!

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this long blog!
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