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Weight Watchers Day 5!!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

This morning I stepped on the scale again... and then I put the darn thing away! Way up high where I can't reach it!

Isn't is funny how I can tell other people to not look at the scale, don't worry - you could be losing inches even when you're not losing pounds, it could be water weight, are you PMSing, etc. But for me, my motivation was still always heavily tied to my weight loss? Why can I tell others what I know is the truth, but not apply it to myself?

So to help, I put it up and away where I won't see it. So take that! lol

Today has been a good day. I spent an hour and a half outside shoveling out Nor'Easter Nemo. I got 6 activity points in that way (it was a light workout - I could talk/sing etc during it) but I'm still feeling it in my arms and legs and lower back. It put me over my activity goal for the week, which I'm pretty happy about. But I still want to get some ab work in today, and some movement in tomorrow. Had this snow storm not happened I would have had trouble getting in as many activity points as I had hoped to get in, so it is something I will need to pay attention to next week.

I slept in and then took my time getting ready and dressed for the day and by the time I was done my Aunt was calling us down to shovel, so I ended up skipping breakfast. So all my points are for lunch and dinner, which means I'll end up with more extra points not used. It's too bad I'm not craving a coffee cake today - it would have a been a perfect day to have one without needing to plan around it, hehe.

Tomorrow will be my first outing with a friend since joining WW - I'm feeling a little apprehensive about it. I made the decision to only tell a few select people that I'm doing WW. My whole life I've told people when I'm doing a program, and I've learned it's a negative thing for me. First of all, it's a personal thing for me. I don't like to discuss my weight because I feel so bad about it. So for me, weight loss is also personal, and not something I really like to share the details of. I've done it in the past because programs encourage you to do it as a way of getting support from others, helping to stick to your plans, accountability, etc. But it has never worked for me, it only made me feel bad, and guilty, or like I"m being judged when I'm imperfect on those programs. I decided since I'm doing weight watchers for ME, then it's ok to tell only those who it will make me feel good to tell. One of my closest friends at work knows and she is super supportive, which is great because I eat with her a lot. But the friend I am seeing tomorrow is the kind of person who is unhappy with their weight and will feel guilty themselves if someone else is doing well, and will make comments or judge to make themselves feel better, and I don't want to deal with that and it's not healthy for me. I am at the point where I think I'm losing patience with it too. I just want to shake them by the shoulders and tell them to make a change or be happy for others, but stop trying to make others feel bad because you feel bad. Every time I start a new program and have some success she then wants me to go through it step by step with her, which is great for her, but after 3 days she stops doing it and then goes back to being negative. She is a great person in general, but I think it's easier to just not put myself in the situation of eating around her or discussing weight with her, etc.

I'm off - I have a ton of cleaning and work to do. I hope you're all having a Sparktastic Day!!!

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    I think you are doing great. It's funny because as I was reading your blog, so much about it sounded like me. When my Dr used the O word to refer to my weight, I realized I had to do something serious and different. I had also been trying to lose weight in the past and each time I would successfully lose about 10-15 lbs then nothing and end up gaining back. So I joined SP and a week later joined WW. At first the WW wasn't working very well because I was still trying to figure out things but then it clicked and I started seeing results. I never told anyone that I was in WW except my hubby and daughter. Well, as the pounds were coming off, colleagues started asking me questions and that's when I would tell them that I was in WW. Of course along the way there have been times when I would step on the scale and it wasn't moving and this is always a downer, but I too usually tell people how the scale doesn't always tell the truth. I even go in to the mathematics of how you have to exceed your calories by 3500 to gain one pound, etc. Anyway, I just felt like sharing because as I said, there's so much of your story that reminds me of myself. I'm sure you'll do great! Just stick with the program and all will be well.

    1929 days ago
    It would've been better for you to grab even a very quick breakfast before going out to shovel. Eating within a half hour of waking up helps jump start your metabolism and gives you energy to do what you need to do. Even if it is just a few quick bites of an apple or banana, a pop tart is even better than absolutely nothing, that energy will do you good.

    Sometimes there are people who are so unhappy in their lives that they can't handle anything happening with anything else, positive or negative, well. If things are great with us then they are pissed at us for it, and if things are going badly they want to commiserate with their stories always being worse. In cases like that, you can't change them and how they approach your friendship, but you can change how you approach the friendship. I think not telling her is a good idea, especially right now where it's still so new for you.
    1930 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Sounds like a busy day. HOpe Nemo wasn't too mean.
    1930 days ago
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