Friggin Awesome!!!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

What a great start to the weekend!! emoticon emoticon

I rose today around 6:30am. Unusually early for me, but I couldn't sleep and my mind was going. A few wonderful and friggin awesome things have been happening so I thought I'd record them here to remind myself that I AM making progress, to smile and be proud.

Here we go:

1. Worked out last night for 90 minutes after saying - 'I don't wanna watch TV until I go to bed'. I got up, changed and did a treadmill/bike workout for 90 minutes. A

2. Woke up today early, read some articles, graded some student work, read some more of my "Bruce" (yes Springsteen book) book, updated my new Android phone with health and informational apps, THEN worked out again for a straight 90 minutes doing cardio again. A

3. Done working out and went to the computer, entered in my daily workout, foods and followed Spark Coach regimen. A

4. Made a Spinach/protein smoothie in preparation for going to a relative's kid's bday party where there will surely be 'bad' things to tempt me.

5. Came back to the computer, put in my smoothie and lunch calories and ran the report for the day on my food. BAM!!!! On target my fractions of a %age. This has NEVER happened before. I am so stoked. Keep up the great work and remember this feeling!!!!!!!!!!

See below. The values of me and then recommended. Proves that if I put my mind to it and am mindful, everything else will take care of itself.

This is also the FIRST time I have not been obsessed with the scale. I am confident that my exercise, caloric deficit will help me the ways in which they should and don't feel the need anymore to weigh in daily. As a matter of fact, when I know that weigh ins (Tuesday for me) are coming up, I am almost disappointed because I want to workout for a few more days to shed some more of the ugly yellow fat!!

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