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Changing Focus Changes Everything

Saturday, February 09, 2013

You know how when focusing on something far away, the things closer up are fuzzy and you don't really notice them, until something near you catches your attention and you focus on the thing close up to be able to see it? Then the things in the distance become fuzzy and you no longer notice them. It's very dramatic with a camera lens; the scene focused on the mountains in the distance beyond the garden, and the scene focused on the flowers with the mountains in the distance are two completely different scenes, even though the composition is identical, just the focus has changed.

It works the same with goals. They are in the distance, and we focus on them and walk forward. Until the Reeses catch a tiny portion of my eye and I laser my focus on that little orange package and the distant goal blurs. Then I lift my eyes and see the goal in the distance again. But do I lift my focus before or after I consume the Reeses? How long does the process take? We can't really focus on both at once, anymore than we can focus on the mountains and the flowers at the same time. Step outside and try to focus on both at once. You can't do it.

We all become far sighted as we age, and it would be great if that applied to reaching goals as well. But that takes practice. It's just a twist of the wrist to re-focus on the distance with a camera, but how do we do it with goals? I have reached many goals in my life, and have more goals to attain. I wish they were all as easy as a twist of the wrist, but they aren't. Twisting a mental wrist is harder than twisting a physical wrist, and who would have thought that?

But it can be done. As with any muscle, the more I work that mental muscle to yank my focus back to the goal, the easier it is.

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