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Saturday, February 09, 2013

The reason as to why I don't Blog as often these days is because I've been bitten by the Spring Cleaning Bug--getting the Kitchen into shape made me focus on everything that needed doing--and thanks to that ,these days I'm so tired at the end of the day that by 9-9.30 p.m. I'm literally dead to the World!!Add to that my Walks every evening--it is something that I've begun looking forward to--agreed that the Pavements are pock marked with holes and one can't dare raise one's eyes from where the feet are going--but it is the beautiful Park that summons us like the proverbial Shangri-La and the 30-45 minutes spent there--- gazing at the Sunset and the Sea truly refreshes and rejuvenates both Body and Soul!!
Last 10 days I spent getting Sudhir's papers into shape.There were two huge 32" bags full of these and it really worried me because these were luscious Termite Bait--so I wanted these stacked in Sudhir's Steel Cabinets--and the Bags out!!Added to that was one of Sudhir's Juniors named Palash who called to say that there was a File which was needed by the Client so could I please let him have it?This literally irritated me--firstly I was not conversant at all with Sudhir's Professional stuff---and secondly wasn't it a bit late in the day to be asking for such important Papers--I mean it was over a year since Sudhir passed away!!However my Guilt wouldn't let me sit still and I began sifting through Sudhir's Briefs searching for that damned File.While doing so I also began making space in the Steel Cabinets--for everything was arranged by the year for easy location--but since now no one was going to reach out any particular Brief I began clubbing the Briefs together--as many as could be accomodated into each shelf--they were piled up nice and neat---- one on top of the other!!By this excercise I gained the extra space of 4 big shelves--enough to keep the entire lot stored in the two big Suitcases!!Agreed it took me about 2-3 hours in the afternoons daily for 10 days to do this--for this is pretty tiring work despite having Vanita's help---it was worth it in the end--for the first Set of Papers I came across in the first Suitcase I opened was that darned File!!However,all the Papers are now safely inside the locked Steel Cabinets--and I have given away the Suitcases to Vanita for though these are in great shape--- I don't need that size Cases anymore!!!
I have since progressed to my Closets--and restored order in some of these.We are a family of Clothes mad people.Mummy when she died left behind a hoard of unworn brand new Saries--all expensive stuff that the 3 of us had gifted her for her Birthdays,Diwali and other such occasions.She had a particular style that she loved to wear--and as she grew older preferred wearing lighter Saries--so we'd get her the more expensive hand woven Cotton Saries to wear----light and airy but beautiful to look at!!Besides she preferred colours like White,pale Cream and Ecru--- with small woven borders and Paisley or Flowery prints.Today we have a Closet full of stuff--and no one who'll wear these!!One of Mummy's cousins took some of these as did Meera one of our cousins--- but by and large these are still languishing in the Closet!!My foray into my own Closet was an eye opening event--for I too have far too many unstitched pieces of various Salwar-Kurta Materials--many of these bought when Sudhir was still alive.I have always loved Colour--and specially the vibrant shades of Green and Yellow.
Besides I love Hand Embroidery too--a result of which was my keeping a good rapport with two young Salesmen on a regular basis.One of these was Deepak whom I've known for the past 30 years and the other Amin for almost as long too.These two would bring beautiful stuff--Deepak gets delicate "Chikan" and Applique work from the City of the Nawabs--Lucknow--- and Amin brings the lyrical "Kantha" Patterns from Calcutta----both irresistible and divine!!The various forms of Embroidery and the tiny,perfect stitches used to form beautiful and rich Patterns are a Joy to hold and feel.today while I still love and enjoy the vibrant Colours, the urge to wear them has worn off----and as a result I've now begun giving these as Gifts on various Occasions---to Lotta and Sayali and also to my sisters.My biggest dread today? That I too like Mummy will leave behind a Closet full of Stuff no one will want--so I'm trying to offload these at every chance I get!!
Unlike my mother I'm trying to not hoard stuff----many of my old Vessels have been given away--and only those that I'll be using have been retained.However I have a penchant for buying Pots and Pans that catch my eye--and because of that I keep repeating emphatic "Nos" to myself every time something in that Category seems iresistible!!Besides Pots and Pans, I also have a weakness for various Perfumes--which I hoard and never use!!I have a whole set of the Stuff stored in my Steel Closet--all I do is periodically open the Box where I've stored these Vials and Bottles and run my hands over these--but somehow can't bring myself to use any of these!!Each time I bought a new bottle Sudhir would look at me exasperatedly---but experience had taught him to hold his peace!!Today all these have become more precious to me--for these show the depth of my husband's love for me--for no one knowingly spends a large amount on stuff that may never be used---but he did!!

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    We must have been sisters in another life for I show exactly the same exasperating hoarding tendancies as you do !!!!
    1898 days ago
    Another beautiful and touching story. Thank you, Komal!

    hugs...Mary Anne
    1898 days ago
    cleaning can be very therapeutic. i had to clean my mother's hoardables it was very challenging! those items sound so lovely!! I think your penchant for perfumes has a sweetness.

    i do love reading anything you write. emoticon your writing transports me. you have quite a talent!! i am your biggest fan!
    1899 days ago
  • MIRFA71
    You are doing a wise thing giving away the stuff that you don't need anymore. And I am sure the person receiving these gifts is equally delighted to get them. From time to my mom and I also sort out clothes and other household stuff and give it away.
    1899 days ago
    I too dread leaving things to be cleaned up.I was fortunate my parents enjoyed sparse living but when Dad passed I still had a 3 bedroom house to empty and sell.
    1899 days ago
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