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VICTORY, one battle was won!!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

It feels great to have won one battle!!! Actually a phone call from mum helped me to get the better hand of things. Not because of what she said, just because it was a good chat... so often our chats are rather... uhm, tensed. I introduced her to "Gangnam Style" (not that I like it) but while we listen to it and watched it on youtube we both laughed our heads off. It was good to laugh with mum. The laundry Himalayas is gone for now which also feels great and all morning I was busy finish cleaning our house... I just LOVE it when everything not only looks clean but rather IS clean... it's a constant down hill battle with two dirt loving boys around, ou well, right now it's clean...
And the weight went down a fair bit...75,5kg... I know it's silly but it just feels elevating when it does go down big times. I don't WANT to be defined by that silly number... yet... it's still nice, isn't it??? AAaaaaand this finally means I lost enough weight (and in doing so gained enough money... each 100g equals 1$) to myself my Harry Potter audiobook.... YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
So, and tonight our friends arrive... I still don't have a battle plan worked out due to the fact that we still don't quite know what we'll be doing for the two weeks time. We wanna go camping a couple days, and maybe drive over to Dunsborough for a couple of days... I wrote down a couple of meals I wanna cook which are all healthy and I plan healthy, yummy desserts as well... I confess, we have desert evry single day... something to look forward to and it helps me to stay clear of sweets during the afternoon, knowing that dessert will come.
Sooo... having won a battle and loosing... no, actually not loosing but getting rid of 800g since last week definitely helps to feel really great.
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