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Keep it Positive

Friday, February 08, 2013

Does this sound like you? You're a little late getting up in the morning throwing your routine out of whack. You don't have time for a healthy breakfast and since you forgot to make your lunch last night, you also don't have a healthy lunch to take to work. It all puts you in a bad mood. You have to work at it, but try to keep things as positive as you can. Instead of the negative, see what you can do to fix things. For one, take a piece of fruit with you for breakfast on the way. Pull together a quick lunch of another piece of fruit , perhaps a few veggies, and a 100 calorie snack pack to make a lunch. Try to keep that smile going, too, whether or not you want to or feel like it. Smile to those you meet in the parking lot or bus stop. Give a smile and nod to those you see in the hallway. Be sure to compliment one of your co-workers. It doesn't hurt to tell someone they look nice or you like their hair or outfit. It might perk them up from having a bad day, too. And it will certainly make you feel better. Even when you talk to clients or customers on the phone smile and it will be in your voice.

Take a few minutes when you aren't really busy at work to straighten your work area. Keeping it clean and tidy will always be a positive thing. If you have the time and it's been awhile, dust, too. Have you tried keep a can of lysol in your desk or locker? Use it to clean your desk surface. Not only does that help clean, but it's also a healthy thing as it kills a lot of the germs that have deposited themselves on the surface. When I worked in the salon, I would use lysol to clean my station and the client chair after each service. It really made me feel good to know I was doing my best to keep my clients safe. It also helped me keep up with everything making less work for me at the end of the cleanup.

If you don't go out to work, this works at home, too. Keeping your computer area nice and clean and healthy will keep you upbeat. It feels much nicer to use the computer in a clean and tidy area. It also leaves you some more time when cleaning the house.

If you are tired at the end of the day, try to keep that smile and good feeling going. Give your spouse a kiss or hug or maybe even both. Ask your kids how they did at school and praise at least one thing that they accomplished. To keep yourself from starting the next day the same way, be sure to pack your lunch for the next day. If you need any prep work for breakfast, do it while making supper or your lunch.

All and all, you will find everything go much easier for you. Positive people attract other positive people. They also help bring others in a better mood so they can keep positive themselves. Each of us is beautiful in our own special way. When you are positive, your beauty shines through your eyes, shows on your face, and lets everyone know you are confident and happy with yourself no matter your size.

Have a wonderful day or night. If you are in the path of the storm, stay safe.

Peace Love Hope

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