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Well, I almost did it …

Friday, February 08, 2013

Just two-tenths of a pound away from my goal of 50 pounds lost. I thought for sure I would make my goal this week.

Close, but not quite.

I needed to lose 2.4 pounds to meet my goal and according to the TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) weigh-in this week, I took off only 2.2 pounds.

I swear that scale is mocking me.

My bathroom scale said I lost 4.4 pounds this week. Sigh.

I guess it didn’t translate to the other scale.

I could be disappointed, and I admit I was for a while, but I guess I can’t really be. I mean really, is two-tenths of a pound really worth quivelling over?

Probably not.

So I’ve lost a total of 49.8 pounds in total so far.

Next week I’ll so have this thing locked up. I mean how could I go a whole week without being able to lose two-tenths of a pound?

Okay, I know, it can happen. The nasty P word could set in and maybe my weight could get stuck where it is.

But not if I can help it!

I’m bound and determined to completely meet my goal and surpass it if I can.

I have to admit I was less than pleased with that TOPS scale when I stepped on it.

I had even taken the time to take my photo before leaving my home for the meeting so I could blog about my success later on.

I was sure I would make it.

But I guess the one thing I can be sure of is that one scale is not like the next and not everything is going to go my way.

I think I like my bathroom scale better. It certainly likes me better. It always tells me I’m lighter than that other scale unless it says I weigh the same thing, but it never tells me I weigh more than the other scale.

I dares not go there.

It knows that if it doesn’t make me a little happy, I might think nothing of retiring it!

I might catapult it into outer space or something – send it flying into orbit.

Or maybe I’d flatten it with a steamroller.

Hm. No. I think I like the outer space thing better. Then I can laugh at it every time I spot it in the sky.

But that TOPS scale – well, it knows it can get away with anything. It’s not mine. It can mock me and stick it’s tongue out at me and I can’t do a thing.

It doesn’t owe me any favors.

Maybe I could bribe it, but what does one bribe a scale with?

Certainly not pound cake!

Maybe I could set it up on a date with my vacuum cleaner or something. Or maybe it would like a different household appliance? Who knows?

I’m certainly not setting it up with my bathroom scale because I don’t want to give my bathroom scale any big ideas about how it weighs me!

Ah, but maybe it doesn’t matter, as I don’t think any of my crazy plotting will make a difference.

And so, the TOPS scale wins again. (Insert imaginary tongue flapping raspberry here!)


And I said that two-tenths of a pound wasn’t something to quivel over and yet I talk of flinging my scale into outer space and setting the TOPS scale on a blind date with my vacuum cleaner as a bribe.

I guess those two-tenths of a pound really do matter. Or maybe I haven’t yet been successful in convincing myself otherwise. …

Oh well. I guess I’ll get over it the next time I lose weight!


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