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12 Months of Lessons

Friday, February 08, 2013

To celebrate my 1 year of maintenance I decided to share some lessons I've learned over the past year.

1. It is possible to lose TOO MUCH WEIGHT:
To me this concept seemed unbelievable. I mean if I was still losing weight it was because I needed to. Turns out losing too much weight can be unhealthy too. This was a hard lesson for m. I felt like the less I weighed the better I was doing, that is not always true.

2. Working on mental health is important also.
I didn't think I had that many mental issues when I came to my weight, weight loss and just life in general. Boy was I wrong. I mean lets face it, anyone who allows themselves to get as unhealthy as I was most likely has a little something going on in their head.

3. Just because you reach your goal weight, doesn't mean the journey is over.
To me it seemed like as soon as I reached my goal weight my real journey would be over. In all reality the TRUE journey is just starting.

4. Slip ups are not only common but inevitable.
I spent so much of my journey trying to be perfect. Eating only healthy stuff and trying to keep my calories as low as possible. Not only was this maybe not the best way to go about weight loss but it also left me feeling cheated. Which in turn lead to me giving in to far more of my craving then I should have.

5. It's ok to relax, just not too much.
Once I finally let go, I relaxed just a little too much. It's hard to reign yourself in when you are so used to being completely in control.

6. It is good to still have goals.
When you reach your goal weight it is like reaching the ultimate goal. Nothing else can really live up to it after that. This is when it is most important to find something new to work towards. It's easy to get unmotivated when you have nothing to accomplish, which is why you need to figure out a new goal to reach. For me this came with a lot of new running goals and fitness goals.

7. Exercise is my friend.
Exercising has become not just a way to lose weight and stay fit but it has become my sanity. When I'm sad, mad, feeling lazy, in a funk, whatever the ailment maybe exercise ALWAYS makes me feel better.

8. Being fit is more than being skinny.
I was so happy to way as little as possible, but I didn't realize that being FIT was so much better. I have gained some weight back but I have also gained A LOT of muscle. I feel so much stronger and so much more confident seeing what my body can do.

9. Learning to love my body, flaws and all.
You would think that losing half my body weight would have been enough. But still I look in the mirror and see my flaws, but those flaws are mine. Those flaws are what make me, me. This body is my body. It was given to me and I made it the best I could. So I need to embrace it and love it, flabby skin and all.

10. People will eventually forget you used to be fat.
When people see you and see all the changes that you've made it becomes the only thing people will talk to you about. It's not that you're not interesting it is just that you've done something most people can't, won't and don't do. As overwhelming as the attention is, one day it will wear off. People will quit seeing you as the "girl who lost 150 pounds" and you will just be you again. After all the attention this can be hard, but really it is true success.

11. You will forget you used to be fat.
Slowly, very slowly, you will stop seeing the fat girl in the mirror. You will stop worrying if you are going to break that not so stable looking chair. You will forget what you used to be and start embracing what you've become. This is a wonderful feeling, but in the back of your mind remember what you were, it helps you to realize just how far you've come.

12. Life goes on.
For the past 2 years you've been on a journey. There has been so much hard work and life has been crazy. But guess what, life still goes on. There is a whole non weight loss world that is still going on around you. Slowly you have to return to this world, in your new body and most likely as a totally different person than you used to be.

So there are some of the lessons I have learned over the past year. I know I have so much more to learn and I still have a lot of struggle and work ahead of me, but man does it feel good to know that I have made it a year!!!
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