Fitbit, Oh How I ADORE You!

Friday, February 08, 2013

So, my Fitbit came in the mail yesterday. It is the most amazing piece of equipment I have ever owned. I am regretting already not getting the FitBit One. I mean I don't think it does TOO much more than my adorable little Fitbit Zip does. But, now I wish I could just wear it 24/7 like you can with the One. So, it is the midnight blue one. I wore it for Zumba and Yoga. I am a little sad it does not track my Yoga, but it did a great job on tracking the Zumba. It also is motivating me to get up every once in a while and jog around my house because I want to get as many steps as I can. So very fun. Making exercise a game? Oh heck to the YES baby! I have a feeling I am going to get a LOT of use out of this little guy!

So between my Kindle which I am really enjoying using at night. It is helping with my headaches so much because it gives me less eye strain, and it keeps me from using my phone and computer so I really am getting some excellent sleep. I go and lay down under the covers with the lights off with Isha-Chan the wonder dog and read for two hours, and then go to sleep at 11.

Just having a really good day today. Not anything specific. Just enjoying the Fitbit, enjoying the new life I am leading that I am excited about a "fitness tracker" in the first place. LOL

No big plans for the weekend this week. Relaxing, church as usual on Saturday, the gym, brunch on Sunday. So, I hope you all enjoy your weekend also!
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