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Letting It GO

Friday, February 08, 2013

My previous blog post was supposed to show outrage against size discrimination. I think I did a fair to middlin' job of showing 2 different public figures and how they are harassed and treated for their size, how the tv does not seem to notice how wrong it is and even continues to allow it to happen. And how too many people out here in the private spectrum of whatever weight, jump on that bandwagon and say, Oh yes, he is far too heavy to be in office (because he might die - oh wait, who knows when that's going to happen? And does death ONLY occur to the overweight?) or she might be a beautiful actress if she'd only lose weight.


I've been very bothered by one particular response to that blog, and two particular remarks within that response.

So this is what I'm referencing: (1) You CHOOSE to be fat. Seriously. There is NO getting over this fact. AND (2) but it is an epidemic in the way that it DOES decrease productivity- you get more sick, can't do as much work because the stamina isn't built up or you just can't fit into buildings...

Those are not MY words fellow readers of my posts.

So today as I've run errands, I thought about how I should move forward. And I've found my answer.

Yes, I'm letting it go. There's enough in my OWN world with which I have to contend than this.

However, in case you wonder how I feel about responses that show blatant ignorance in the meanings of my posts then please read and understand:

It's just like the radio or television, you don't like it, don't listen or watch. You don't like what I'm writing, please keep your insensitive comments to yourself.

And to my wonderful, encouraging, supportive SPARKLERS~~~ THIS IS FOR YOU!

emoticon You are the beautiful ones! And, I thank you from the tip of my toes to the horns on my head emoticon

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