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Friday, February 08, 2013

I am so glad it's Friday. It's been a rough week, emotionally, at work, and at home. I am worn out! Only to get here and to find out my work partner is out, and will be out for an undetermined amount of time for grievance. I feel bad for her, but sheesh - that means I have to take her caseload, when I'm already swamped!
I feel like I'm drowning, and I know exercise and eating right are the only things that can keep me going. Unfortunately, fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks this week. Again. Every time I go down a smidge on those stupid steroids, it takes a bit, but when my body realizes what I've done it goes into full-protest mode. As it is now. Which usually makes it next to impossible to workout, as it seems to make things worse, oddly. I thought it was supposed to help? Maybe I will try a gentle walk this weekend, just to see how I do, and go home and nap if it takes too much out of me. Maybe that's the problem, I didn't scale back my workouts, and perhaps I need to while I deal with this latest hit.
This weekend, I'd planned to get some stuff around the house, but maybe I will scale that back to just doing some deep dusting and the things that have been neglected. Painting can wait, I suppose. Sigh. Stupid, stupid fatigue!

Ok, I can't ever end my blogs on a poor note. So, on the positive. I only ate 600 calories of cookies yesterday, and ate a total of 1400 calories, still! OK, maybe the cookies aren't such a great success. I've been eating pretty well this week, overall, and I'm happy with how my tracker is looking. Full of wholesome, good foods, for the most part.
I plan to keep that up through the weekend, and I'd like to push to eat at home all weekend. Maybe limit us to going out just once, but make it somewhere I know I can find something good for me. Getting those nutrients in is so important now, and I'm proud of me for deciding this so early on. I'll be ok if we go out, but I will choose well.
I've got a pretty good start on the garden for next weekend. Hopefully I can convince hubby to 'help' me mix in the good soil with ours, so it starts to settle in early. (Help meaning, he does it while I watch. What? Fatigue, remember? emoticon )
I got some vitamins I've been lacking on - B complex and Calcium, so my doctor will be happy to hear I'm not skipping those anymore. Flax substitutes the fish pills, and I'm happy about that. So that's all good stuff!
Now, let's go have a record-breaking, awesome, healthy weekend! You with me?
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