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Friday morning

Friday, February 08, 2013

I've been home sick with "stomach issues" for the last two days. Lord knows, every bug known to man is flying around my office right now (we haven't had a full department any day since before Christmas), but I think the stress has something to do with it as well.

I paid the rent this morning, so I at least don't have to worry for a couple of weeks about the landlord. I also paid the overdue on the cable bill because my TV and Internet are my lifeline -- I just can't be without them.

It's been cold here (by California standards), so I've got makings for three types of soup. I made black bean and ham soup in the crock pot last night, which I had with fresh corn muffins (the leftover corn muffins will be great with breakfast). Also, tomorrow I'm making one of my favorites. It's made with Italian sausage and hominy, and it's normally made with butternut squash. I have two butternut squash, but my veggie box gave me two pounds of Nantes carrots. I'm going to try the soup with the carrots instead of the squash for two reasons: 1) the squash will keep a lot longer than the carrots, and 2) the carrots are a bleep of a lot easier to prep than the squash!

Side note to the black bean soup: I have a white wooden spoon that I stirred the soup with. The soup stained it, and now it looks like a pretty lavender lollipop! Guess I sholdn't have bought an uncoated wooden spoon. However, this is another installment in an ongoing lesson I'm trying to learn. My father used to fly into rages and verbally abuse us if we couldn't get the cookware looking like it just came from the store. Always in the past I would make myself crazy trying to get the cookware perfect. My crock pot is FORTY YEARS OLD, and I'm still trying to keep it new-looking. It's a bit of the baggage I'm trying to get rid of. I watched one of Bobby's shows the other day, and even for TV his cookware is anything but pristine. It's clearly "been through the wars," so I need to stop making myself crazy about whether it's "perfect" or not.

Time to relax and make some breakfast. Deep breath...deep breath...
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