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Friday, February 08, 2013


I'm so frustrated, guys. I am seriously considering abandoning this ST-centric program and switching back to a high calorie burn cardio program. I wanted to keep it up through February, but I'm so irritated with the fact that I've lost a whoppin' 4 lbs over the last month.

I'm feeling the pressure of seeing my goal date coming up so soon, just 18 weeks, and if I only lose a freaking pound a week, I won't be there. I won't even be out of the "obese" range by then. ARGH.

I lost one pound last week, and maintained this week. I keep trying to tell myself that - yeah, big deal! You lost one pound - BUT you lost two inches off your waist and hips! That's something! That's huge!

But you know what? I'm still obese. I feel like I'm always GOING to be obese. UGH.



You know what though? I knew this part of the journey was going to be hard. I have a healthy body fat percentage at this point, and any weight loss I have going forward is going to be difficult because I don't want to lose any muscle mass. That means doing lots of ST and losing body fat slowly.

I have 64 pounds of pure fat on my body. That means 161 lbs of my body is bone, organs, and lean muscle mass. For a "fitness" level of body fat, or 21%, I have to lose something like 23 pounds of body fat. My body just wants to hang on to that extra cushioning. But I'm not okay with that.


Well, I feel better after venting and I'm going to stick with the program for a while longer. I'm going to do two Zumba classes a week from here on out, though and try to ride my bike a little more often at home.
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    You are doing SO great with the ST - don't give up!! I BEG YOU!! ST is so soooooooooo crucial for weight loss.

    The best thing you can do though, is to switch it up every 6-8 weeks or so. ST centric (or a build phase) for 6 weeks, then switch to a cardio centric (burn phase, but you still do ST) for 6 weeks. Even so, every 3 weeks or whatever in the middle, toss in a switch week.

    Serious. It works. ST builds your muscle so you burn more calories at rest and the weight will come off steadier and faster in your burn phases.

    Trust. Me. 65lbs of pure fat came off doing build vs. burn.

    1899 days ago
    Never get frustrated. As long as you're working out you will see the pounds come off, even if it's slower than you wanted it will still happen! Don't put pressure on yourself about a goal weight date. You will reach your goal, it may not be exactly on the date you wanted but it will happen because you're doing all the right things to make it happen! Congrats on your accomplishment so far!
    1899 days ago
    Hang in there! Every step you take towards your goal will add up...even if it isn't as fast as you'd like for it to be. I got to thinking that if I would have just stuck with this back in the spring of 2012...it was slow going and I just gave up out of frustrtation. But where would I be now if I would have continued with those healthy choices?

    Don't get discouraged!!
    1899 days ago
    Dear Emma,

    Reading this blog makes me want to hug you. I completely understand your frustration. You are so used to big numbers. With only 23 pounds to go, it makes sense that the loss might slow down. But here's another thought. When you lost the bulk of your weight you did very little ST. A portion of your loss was muscle. Most was fat. Now you are replacing fat with muscle. How do we know this? Because you are shrinking!!! Muscle weighs more than fat. So you lose a lot of fat, but you also gain muscle.

    Please, please be patient. Deadlines are only a tool of torture and create expectations which are in no way related to reality. The deadline you set is when you want to be at a certain weight and be done with all this nonsense of weight loss, right? Maybe it's time to shift your focus from your scale to other measures of fitness--how much you can lift, resting heart rate, being able to slam the guys in arm wrestling (or at least the gals), the number on your tape measure? I mean come on. Wouldn't you rather lose two inches and 4 pounds than 15 pounds and half an inch? I sure would.

    It's time to dig in for the long haul. You're not gonna get rid of us that easy!!! emoticon

    You will get where you want to go. Continue to get to know your body and test your limits.
    1899 days ago
    I hear you. My goal was to hit my goal weight by Christmas, which didn't happen. Then I thought maybe I could reach it by my birthday in March, and honestly I don't think that will happen either. It is SO FRUSTRATING!

    I try to remind myself that no matter what, I am still thinner and healthier than I was for the last X amount of years. Sometimes that helps. Maybe check your measurements and see if you're making progress there? Hang in there, sweetie, you are doing great no matter what time you reach that goal!!!
    1899 days ago
  • NEWSGIRL2177
    I know it's tough to look at smaller-than-expected numbers and feel OK about things, but hang in there! It could be any number of things going on with your body. Zumba is a high-calorie burn and maybe your body is kinda freaking out with the change. Or maybe it just wants to stress you out for a minute (I swear my body plays games with me). If you're digging your ST program and Zumba, stick with it for a bit and see if your body acclimates. You might see a big drop in time and be right back on schedule. Hang in there!
    1899 days ago
  • LJOYCE55
    Love the RAWR. I hope you find the food/exercise balance that works the way you want and meets your goals. If not SP, then it can be something else or some combo of SP with another program. I have noticed several blogs that mention doing combinations of programs.
    1899 days ago

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