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Friday, February 08, 2013

I have always been the big guy. I was never the fat guy, always "husky" or "big boned." Since I could recall I was always told that I should play football because of my size. Throughout high school I did that. I wouldn't pig out or go crazy. I exercised daily, basically had my weight under control. When I got to college I noticed how small I was compared to my teammates. The coaches put me on a weight program to get me to where I should be which included eating 6x a day and continuous weight training. When I decided to leave the gridiron I said told my self that I was done with this whole working thing. I had been doing for practically my whole life and just said that since I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn anymore I just want. That right there is where it all began. In college I was a comfortable 285 lbs but a athletic build. I maintained that weight for a good 6 months but quit working out. Slowly I gained until I left the University I was at. I was happy for once. I was in a great relationship (that I thought), the pressure was off of me to play football, I could just be me. Well being "me" meant gaining an additional 45 pounds in the first semester that I went to a new University. I would go out with my fraternity brothers, go out with my ex-gf, and wouldn't think anything of it. I refused to by clothes and just made it look tight on me.

Soon I realized that my life was not perfect. My relationship with my ex took a turn for the worst (Thank God now). Like most people do when they are heavy they begin to blame themselves and figure that losing weight will help to either get them back or "show them what they are missing." Well I did not exactly do it a healthy way. I basically starved myself for 3 months and got back down to 260lbs. Before I knew it I was running but not eating..I would sleep all day, skip class, and go out with my fraternity brothers to places I should have never been. I decided to give football a chance in the hopes to play again and possibly get her back. I ended up walking on for the University of Alabama. This was a big deal to others but not to me. Made it the spring training and guess who came calling back. It was then I realized that I was not happy. I knew that this is not what I wanted. I called it off this time and started to be me again. I started eating again (a lot actually) but was happy.

Before I graduated from UA I met my now wife at church my sister invited me to. She would come up and visit and we started to date. I finished my degree moved back to Birmingham and before I knew it we were engaged and married. Of course I gained those pounds you get when you get married, but what was said is that we joined a gym together, she went all the time and I would either make a excuse as to why I couldn't go or go and just half a$$ it there. My wife was always in shape, a former athlete herself she would pressure me to get in shape and I just didn't want any part of it. When she got pregnant with our 1st child, what she ate, I ate. I kept gaining weight. On the way to work, I would grab a biscuit or sandwich and wouldn't tell her about it. After my daughter was born my wife would go on Weight Watchers and run while I would go on Weight Watchers and sit. The same with my 2nd child. My wife would lose all her baby weight before I even lost a pound. She would always say something about it until the point where she said that if you don't care then I want. She quit.

Well my brother came home from the Army one weekend. We were at a family dinner, taking pictures. We started looking at them and like a flip book, I could actually see my self gaining, losing, and then gaining more weight. Then I looked at the last photo that I have tried to take since dieting. It is actually one of the fist on my blog page. It is a picture of me holding my daughter, and I can see my "man boobs" hanging over.

Enough is enough! That was the moment that I knew I had to change. From that moment I cut out soda, tea, etc. I got to the gym that I have had a membership with for 2 years but never went. I would go 5 days a week and kill it every time. I did my first mud obstacle 5K in Oct 2012 and haven't looked back. Up until last week I was doing great until I hyper-extended my knee and have been doing light workouts. Well that all changes in a few days. Knee is feeling better and it is back to the gym.

I have no one else to blame but myself. I did this, I started it and intend to finish it. I have given my self 2 goals actually. The first one is I plan on doing a Spartan Race in November. The race is a 10-12 mile run with 25+ obstacles (www.spartanrace.com). The second is to possibly turn my new body into a Airborne Soldier. While the second one is a continuous prayer with my wife and whether that is where God places us.
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    1958 days ago
  • *MAMA*2*BOYS*
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It is very interesting to read a man's perspective on weight gain and loss. I am very impressed with the fact that you are not only losing weight, but you are working very hard towards your fitness goals! I can't wait to read about your Spartan Race; that sounds crazy and amazing! I also really admire your faith, and I have no doubt that God has special plans for you and your family.
    1959 days ago
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