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Running, running, running for change!!!!!!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Well, I have been kicking some major booty with my training....kicking it up a notch for my strength training and what not. I am SORE! I also noticed that the first few days of TOM drain all of the energy out of me! Not a fan, but this too shall on to the fun stuff!

After reading Born to Run (ok listening to it on audiobook, same thing right?) I have decided to start minimalist running. I am a bit nervous about this because I've heard you have to take it really slow, but after repeated shin splints, mini fractures, tendon and ligament issues, hip pain, etc. I have decided that it is worth a shot to give this a go. I spent well over a week of daily research (hours and hours when I should have been working lol) and finally decided on the Merrell Barefoot Pace Gloves. I chose thesefor a few reasons....they are considered a hybrid shoe by many runners. Meaning, they are meant mainly for trail running but a lot of runners state that they are also for the road. Most of my training in the winter is on the treadmill but I also walk my dogs in the dirt trails of the desert and plan on hiking in these shoes as well. Also, these shoes are machine washable...huge huge props there because my Asic gels STINK! lol. The hardest part of my search was finding a vegan shoe...there weren't many options and it came down to these, the merrell lithe (which are waterproof, heavier and not machine washable) and the New Balance Minimus Zeros. These shoes have a 0 mm drop and a vibram sole. They are also supposedly anti stench lol! These shoes (as are most minimalist and barefoot shoes) are designed to be worn without socks.... So, I got them in the mail today and I ordered a size up as many sites suggested. I'm so darn excited! As you can see, I got them in the shadow color. I tried them on with and without socks and I must say that it is obvious that these are designed to be worn without socks. I tried them with my thermo socks which are probably the thickest running socks I have but I have some very thin wicking socks I'll be trying also. They really do fit like a glove. I am slightly worried that I shouldn't have gotten a size up....but I read that the toe box is extremely wide on these shoes so I thin it may be normal...we'll see after I wear them to the gym tomorrow. They feel great but they truly are a completely different experience.......I am nervous to start this training. I will be taking it slow tomorrow....walking mostly and probably try about half a mile of running...they say to start off with fractions of a mile at first until your muscles build up. Exciting!

Now on to my next bit of news.......races for 2013! Oh yeah, you knew it was coming!

2013 Races:
*Shamrock Shake 5k CSUSB
*Child abuse and violence prevention 5k Glen Helen April 6
*Mojave Narrows Half Marathon May 18 benefiting Veterans Home of California
*Color me Rad 5k San Diego benefiting Deaf Community June 8
*Wrightwood Ranch Adventure Mud Run September 14
*Long Beach 1/2 RNR Oct 27 benefiting ASPCA
*OC Walk to Remember 5K October 5 in memory of my lil
*Operation Jack Marathon benefiting Autism Orgs December 2013

I'm sure you've noticed that all of my races benefit something. The Shamrock Shake I am doing for a friend who needed a team of 5 girls to raise money for her will be great!

The Mojave Narrows Half is about 30 minutes from my house and will be 100% trail running. This does make me nervous but it promises to be beautiful and the proceeds are going to benefit the Veterans Home of CA which is a great cause that I support because my grandpa was a veteran.

The Color Me Rad race is going to be a mother daughter weekend. I'm taking Azali to San Diego and we are spending the night! We will also be going to the zoo and/or Sea World this weekend. Proceeds will be benefiting the Deaf Community in San Diego!

The Wrightwood Ranch Mud Run details aren't announced yet but this is about 15 minutes from my house in the mountains and I really want to do it. I'm guessing proceeds will benefit the San Bernardino National Forest because most of the races up there do.

The Long Beach RNR I am running mostly because I've wanted to do a RNR but also because it is in LA, Halloween themed, and fits in with my marathon training!!! Azali will be staying out in LA with me. Very very exciting. And I have teamed up with Team ASPCA to raise money for animals and awareness about strays and spaying/neutering. Anyone that knows me knows that my one of my soft spots is for animals and it is so heartbreaking to me that so many get put down.

The OC Walk to Remember is a very small "race"...I stumbled across it on Active when looking for races for hte year and I immediately burst into tears. Not many people know that in August (right in the middle of Tinkerbell Half Marathon training) I found out I was unexpectedly was a really stressful time for many reasons and I lost the baby about 7 weeks into it. My bf at the time told me that it was good I lost it before it was really a baby and I think my eyes were opened about how hard it is to lose a child, no matter what stage of the pregnancy you are in. I struggled a lot with this and the majority of the people in my life do not know that it happened....I want to do this walk so that my lil knows that I was not ashamed of was just the circumstances that led me to not telling people. For a few months I struggled and read facebook pages of women that lost their babies in early pregnancy....I am honored and blessed that i found this race. I am excited to walk it in my lil's memory.

I was having some back and forth emotions about running a full marathon this year. First of all, I certainly have my doubts that I can do it. I feel like I'm going to die towards the end of a half marathon...I can't imagine that after 13.1 I would keep going and do all that over again. I was (and still am) considering doing the Chicago Marathon with one of my best friends, Kathy (LOTUSFLOWER). However, it is hard for me to do a race saying I have to raise a certain amount of money for a cause in order for any money to go to that cause and for me to race. When I found the Operation Jack Marathon I knew without a doubt that this was the right Marathon to run. This is a very small race and has only been around since. Basically, a dad decided to run a certain number of marathons in a year to raise awareness and money for Autism because his child is autistic. In order to reach the said amount of marathons they created Operation Jack. I know many people that have autistic children or family members and I know how incredibly difficult the journey can be. One of my Sunny Gal sisters has been having a hard time with her autistic son and had to leave the team for a little while so that she could focus on him. No mother should have to go through that. I am running Operation Jack in honor of Darius (Sunny Gal Dee's son), Ryan (the oldest son a friend of mine), and Harry (the son of Rochelle, a gal on the Incredible Shrinking Woman team on facebook). All of these parents are so incredibly strong to raise children with autism and I hope that we can continue to raise awareness and money for the Train for Autism foundations which gives proceeds to Autistic organizations.

I am looking for a race for the blind, hydrocephelus and any relating to the environment and animals. If anyone knows of any races like these in the west please let me know. I would like to run a race in honor of my nephew, Sammy J, because he inspires me everyday with his smiles!

There are a lot of fun races out there that I wanted to do, but the more I think about it, the more I don't feel that I should be paying ridiculous amounts of money to run races just for the fun of it. I want awareness for causes that are near and dear to me and to be able to raise money for causes that are truly important.

What drives you? What pushes you? For me, all of these races are pushing me...the thought of running a marathon terrifies me. The time commitment, the pain, pushing through the mental blocks.....but autism isn't something that we can get away from and I hope that by training I learn a little is all about continuing the fight and not giving up....pushing through the pain and tackling what scares us. We can overcome anything we put our minds to. So, make it happen!

And with that I will leave you with this...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • UNICORN212
    Awesome blog by an awesome woman.
    1949 days ago
    just getting up and getting through the day has been what pushed me for a LONG time, with the newborn and my mom there was just no time for me for awhile! But I am finally starting to sort through all of it! Are there any runs for sarcoidosis? I'd definitely run for that here, and I know you have an aunt with it too. So sorry to hear about your lil. My sister in law had two miscarraiges and even after having two kids since it was hard to go through and still a traumatic loss/experience for us....hugs.
    1954 days ago
    Ps "running for change" sounds like a great documentary name!!
    1959 days ago
    You are amazing!!! I love that you are doing all of these races, and how they are all meaningful to you...kind of like your tattoos, these races will live in your bones, in your memory and you will never regret doing them. Run for my little one, too. I love you.
    1959 days ago
  • HEALTHY156
    You are beautiful and amazing and I am so lucky to know you. Maybe you can walk to remember my little one as well. Huge Hugs.
    1959 days ago
    Amazing Blaize!
    1959 days ago
    I really hope the shoes end up working! I used to have Vibrams and loved them, but for some reason could never use them for running. Walking and standing in them were both fine, and they REALLY helped so that my feet and back didn't get sore when standing for hours, but after I lost a lot of weight, they stopped helping me. I'm not sure if it's because my feet shrunk or what. I do know that the soles were always too narrow for my feet, even with my feet much smaller, and they give me continuous blisters deep under the skin in one section. Boo. So I had to stop wearing them. I would LOVE to go minimal but I'm really worried I would keep hurting my feet, especially after my injuris last year. I can't wait to see how your journey goes!
    1959 days ago
    1959 days ago
    Ooh they look cool, I hope they work out for you!
    1959 days ago
    Very nice! I wish you the best. I'm training for my first half-marathon in April. Looking forward to it, but my mind hasn't made the leap to a full marathon. Let's see what happens.
    1959 days ago
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