Three Things: 2/7/13

Friday, February 08, 2013

Intro: a semi-daily, indulgent blog about one woman's war on too much stuff (including pounds but not yet shame), one teeny-tiny battle at a time - by ridding herself of three things a day.


I would say I have an empty nest but I think the entire point of this blog makes that kind of ironic. An argument could be made that I try to fill the emotional holes in my life with things, but let me protest too much: that sounds way, way, waaaaay too much like I'm a hoarder. I am not a hoarder. I don't even joke about that (exceptions made for my daughter's bedroom) because I watch A&E and I have real mixed feelings about even watching a show about the mentally ill as a means of entertainment. Which, really? It is. And I watch it. And I know I'm creepy. If it's not entertainment, do we need more than one episode to get the point across?

Besides, I fill the emotional holes in my life with FOOD, and that is a different, thought perhaps related matter.

The point is, I miss my kids. But during today's "toss," I stumbled across something that made me feel better.

1. Measuring cups. My daughter never took much of an interest in cooking when she lived at home, whereas I'm a competent home cook and I enjoy it. She has an attitude pretty much akin to learning Spanish: she has nothing against it; in fact, sees the value in it; it's there if she wants to learn it; it's not going anywhere; and in the meantime, someone else can explain it to her.
But on occasion when she did dip a toe into culinary waters, I noticed she always used my pewter measuring cups (I already know you can only use them for dry goods or they're poisonous. Got it). They are pretty. Handcrafted. And now they are hers.

Her delight when I dropped them off today was great. It made me happy. I know she is cooking more often these days and they will help her and remind her of how Just What a Wonderful Mother she has. I kid. Or not. I was inspired by SparkFriend Success_in_2013. Why acquire all this STUFF that eventually either becomes garbage, or worse, a burden for my children to go through after I'm gone? The measuring cups are pretty to me, but they are precious to my daughter - the way my third generation cast-iron skillet is to me - and maybe to her. We'll have to see what my son does in the kitchen.

Result? See above. We'll see what happens to the lobster measuring spoons.

2. Cardboard gift boxes for CDs. I think these are from around 2008. When was the last time you burned a gift CD for someone?

Result? Recycle.

3. A puzzle. Little white-water rafters you put in a base. The object is to get all the little guys facing the same way.

See? Each little guy is equipped with a puzzle piece as he prepares to shoot the rapids. Sad. Hardly adequate gear.

a. I was charmed by this gift (I am really trying to get over getting rid of gifts without seeming ungrateful).
b. I was flattered by the bestower's faith in me regarding my ability to solve the puzzle.
c. I worked on this damned puzzle for hours. For DAYS.
d. I didn't get it. I turned to my kids. They got bored after about 20 minutes.
e. There. I said it. Never solved it. I never solved a Rubik's cube, either. I don't do Sudoku, I am a barely adequate card player, though I am a MASTER at Plants vs. Zombies. I do love the zombies.

Result? Donation box. Somewhere, someone will finish this quest. I checked the pieces in my choking tube (you don't have a choking tube? seriously? maybe you know it as an ANTI-choking tube? It passes muster) before putting it in the box.

No Keeper of the Day.

“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”
― Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I so love that you've taken us on this journey with you. Its so neat (yes, I'm a nosy midwesterner) to see all the kinds of things people keep around. My only salvation from this type of thing is that we've moved quite a few times, and I always use that as an excuse to purge, but its amazing the crap you collect once you have kids!

    Keep on purgin', lady! :)
    1933 days ago
    Don't be ashamed of watching hoarders. I watch it too; not to glorify or gawk, but to understand my own tendencies, and see what can happen if I choose to ignore them, and don't deal with them now.

    See, I have that "but it was a gift" and the "such memories!" impulse, too.

    A friend of mine, though, had a great suggestion. Instead of hoarding stuff... become a DIGITAL hoarder! Why we keep some of these things is because of the memories they evoke. Take a picture, pin it on Pinterest, save it to memory card, or something like that. They will stick around, you can look at them and remember... and *get rid of them!*

    Anyway, you're doing well. So proud of you!
    1933 days ago
    How kind to think of your daughter with the measuring cups. That is what I was speaking of, the thoughts that came up when you looked at them, thinking about what was to become of them. Good memories.

    Ummm.....kinda would have liked to get my hands on the puzzle game, I am something of a freak for ones like that. Although the Rubik's cube did get the better of me, never did figure that one out! I did some white water rafting in my foolish youth, you're right.....SERIOUSLY under dressed there.

    This is starting to be an adventure here, seeing what is new on your list of things and just where they started to be a part of your life.

    1933 days ago
    You go girl!!

    Also, your blog reminded me about my kids and my upcoming (I HOPE) empty nest syndrome...well for one thing, my daughter moved back in temporarily, over 2 years ago--did I tell you? And brought with her, her 3 kids who are now 7, 6, and 3. Whew. I only have a 3 bedroom apartment. Also my 17 year old son has become a real pain and I'm counting the time until I can move him into the college dorms...he has to complete 2 semesters at the community college to make up for his blowing off his first 2 semesters at university..Well I'll still have the 15 year old for awhile

    Don't get me wrong, I adore my kids. BUT

    once I am lucky enough to (finally!!!) get an empty nest so I can start having my syndrome, I want to
    1) learn to surf--I've ALWAYS wanted to
    2) take up parkour. Its never too late.
    3) travel all over the world. I'm going to get a job at an airline JUST for this purpose
    4) go organic. I'll be able to afford it if its just me
    5) go Raw. Ditto for #4
    6) Focus all my time and all my money on myself. And make myself look FANTASTIC
    7) get a boy friend that's half my age and have lots of ...um....sorry I got carried away
    8) buy nice furniture and a nice PC and nice dishes and not have to worry about anyone trying to learn how to juggle while using them
    9) afford to get myself expensive haircuts at salons that serve you wine while you wait
    thats all I can think of at the moment...


    1933 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/8/2013 1:46:25 AM
    wonderful good luck
    1933 days ago
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