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Couple of Phone Apps

Thursday, February 07, 2013

All it takes is a free phone app to get husband interested in tracking, I've discovered. ;) Dan is on Day 3 of tracking...AND he found another cool app that I wanted.

First, he cracked me up on the first day because he was 400 calories over and he said to me "Crap! I'm over, but I'm still hungry! NOW what do I do?!" And I said "Well, just do better tomorrow I guess!" Wow, now he knows how I feel. He's trying to just track now and then look for ways to cut his intake as he gets used to doing it.

Then he found this cool app and I got it on my phone too, called Accupedo. It's a pedometer for your phone, how cool is that! He's been bragging to me for the past 4 years something along the lines of "My office is so huge, I have to walk to get anywhere!" And it is:

Haha, fast-forward to yesterday, and he had about 7000 steps on his Accupedo, AFTER I dragged him out for a 1-mile walk. Yeah, so he must be doing a lot of sitting at his desk, or something. Today I have 7000 steps without working out or I'm kicking his ass. ;)

The other phone app we started using is Myfitnesspal. Another Spark friend told me about it, and it's been really great. You can link up with your friends on it and encourage each other, and your feed shows when you log in and when you put food and exercise in, and it even tells your friends when you stayed in your calories. So husband and I are friends on there, and he gives me a WOOHOO when I stay in my calories, and I tell him he did a great job fitting a walk into his day, etc. It's been a very good week for us.

Anyway, that's about all for now. I've been fighting a cold since last night. Around lunchtime, I noticed that I felt really drained, and I thought it was because I got an extra long swim yesterday morning, but by evening I was sneezing and my nose was running and I couldn't get warm. Incidentally, I think students who go to school sick AND in the rain should get extra credit. Just sayin'! ;) Good thing about my cold is that I haven't had an appetite, so I'm well within my calories today. We had shrimp tacos for dinner tonight and they were good! I only had one. Also, I made homemade Spanish rice, and husband loved that. He likes rice any way he can get it.

Okay, now, really, that's all for now. Husband just talked me out of going to band practice, so I can help a kid with her geometry homework...and give him a haircut. *sigh* #ulteriormotive
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