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TRIGGERS ! Winter 5% Challenge Assignment #4

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I need to take this assignment from a different direction it was to be about trigger foods but for me its more about situations that cause a trigger! This is an area I still have lots of problem with.

It has very little to do with what room I'm in or at a restaurant but much more how I am feeling inside stress at work oh my there are days once its time for my meal break I have to have a pint of ice cream instead of my planned meal

My #1 trigger situation to binge is STRESS
My #2 trigger situation to binge is BOREDOM
My #3 trigger situation to binge is if my day doesn't go as I planned for it to go.

Yes I binge to soothe the inner beast in me. To keep my big fat mouth shut so I don't regret something I may say.

NOw I will have to admit Fridays at work is donut day in the break room and i have a very hard time resisting the donut monster Everyone else is indulging so I feel the need to.

Stress I crave Ice Cream
Boredom its something salty
When my day doesn't go as planed everything Sweet , salty, carb loaded, cold ice cream

I have been trying ot work on a good plan for Fridays I have been trying to walk for half of my meal break and try to make myself eat my planed snacks

Boredom trying to redirect my attention some where else. like read or play a game.

When my day doesn't go as planned well I'm still open for suggestions on that one..

As example today wasn't a bad day but did not go as planned had ot attend a meeting after work so I had ot miss the gym went ot the store to pick up my flat bread and well I purchased some ice cream some chips and donuts. I did fall prey to the chip but only a hand full did not touch the rest I have no clue why I got all that junk tonight .

Thankfully lent is coming up and this will be my first lent in years that I will practicing. so I am hoping this will be a start to a new health habit.
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  • JO28352
    Great blog. I too have similar triggers. It's more about trigger situations and emotions than trigger foods in my life. I love that you've identified strategies for dealing with some of your triggers. I am going to do the same. emoticon
    1926 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Your go to foods are very similar to mine. I also face donuts in the work place. For me, I simply can't eat them as they trigger me off.

    I hear you on the unplanned events during the day being upsetting. I totally understand you being frustrated at not being able to go the gym after work as you have got to attend a meeting. We are trying so hard to maintain and keep a healthy life, it is upsetting when our health routines get off. Could you do a DVD at home later in the evening?

    As to the Friday donuts, is there some healthy food that you really like, that would
    make you feel like you are eating a treat on Fridays?
    Good for you facing yourself honestly and with courage. You are doing a great job on your health journey.
    1933 days ago
    Stress and boredom are triggers for me, too. I'm glad on the day you bought all the junk food you were able to see a trigger situation and stop the binge after only a handful of chips. You did good!
    1933 days ago
    You do know your triggers. I found it interesting that different triggers had different cravings. I love your blogs, they always make me think.
    1934 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Like the others I empathise here! I think work situations are worst of all and I don't think I ever solved that problem short of total abstinence from food there other than what I brought with me. I wonder if it's really boredom that is a trigger, or are you just too tired to do anything at times. I know that I always have something to do or that I want to do but when I'm really tired I just don't feel up to it. If that happens I'd be inclined to go for a slow walk or look for something healthy like a banana to get energy. Great blog - does exactly what these assignments are for.
    1934 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Its a not too hard of a guess that those are triggers for everyone out here :P I am a salty fan myself. The sweets I don't bother with and never buy them. I will eat a chewy ginger snap cookie if presented with a very good quality one, but those are few and far between. Stress is mostly my trigger because I always have too much to do to ever be bored (a stack of unread free daily papers will attest to that, as are several novels gathering dust balls) Chores are seldom done unless necessary (running out of things, tripping over the dust bunnies)as living alone no one cares and I have better things to do.
    As for things not going as planned, have had plenty of those days. Again, busy work is the key to staying out of trouble. A list of need to do things, want to do things and fun to do things is always running through my head. Start thinking them up, you may be surprised how much is there, and how much you want to get cleared away so you don't have to look at it again. Like organizing your bills, closet, decluttering -I never saw a place that couldn't use some things gotten rid of that aren't being used.. We all have our dark corners where things have not been touched in years.
    Good luck with this challenge,
    You can do it!!
    1934 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    OK - I can identify with this. I too love ice cream, and have a wicked sweet tooth, and like crunchy salty things, and I've never met a doughnut that I could resist. emoticon

    First off, I'd say you'll just have to get rid of number three - period. You're living a life, and life is always in flux and constantly changing. Days rarely go as planned for anyone, and unfortunately, it's usually beyond our control!

    Try rewarding yourself for the positive things in your life instead of the negative things. Your focus is solely on negatives - I'm bored, I'm stressed, my day didn't go as planned. Wherever you put your attention and focus is what you see and experience.

    As for donuts, I just don't go near them or buy them anymore. That way there is no temptation, and I don't have the willpower to say no if I get a whiff. Stay away from the break room on Fridays. If you must go there to eat lunch pack yourself a "special treat" that you only allow yourself to have on these days. Maybe a nice cookie or something you've found here in Spark Recipes. They have lots of good things that won't throw you over the calorie cliff. You'll have to plan the rest of your food for that day so you can fit it into your nutritional budget for food.

    I find it interesting that you've assigned each food it's own category. Seems pretty rigid, and somewhat quirky, and a "ready" excuse for a treat. Sorry, but I'm being brutally honest here. . . My intention is not to offend you in any way; please believe that. If I'm stressed I go for anything that's close. If you're stressed at work is there really someplace that readily has ice cream?!

    How about a Skinny cow frozen treat instead of ice cream? 100 calories and I love the Fudge Bars, and the ice cream sandwiches. Buy a box and keep it in your freezer, and use it for rewards instead of feeding your emotions.

    Make it a habit when you go shopping, no matter for one thing, or fifty things, you discipline yourself to buy only what is on your list and then leave the store. If you do this every time you won't have the temptation of all those foods at the ready waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

    Stress is just a fact of life, and we all need to learn to deal with it. What besides eating makes you happy? Do you have a hobby? Do you like to dance? As a stress reliever find something you love to do, and try to do more of it. Find a friend and make plans to go to a movie, or do something together. Get some variety into your life, or some good focus (like a hobby) to eliminate the boredom.

    Good luck emoticon
    PS - I'm on the Winter Challenge Team, too!

    1934 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/7/2013 11:08:38 PM
    Wonderful blog Linda. I applaud you for being honest and open about your triggers. Stress is a trigger for me to, and my food drug of choice is giant chocolate chip cookies and soda, or chocolate, period. Reading your blog is helping face the fact that I need to let go, and trust God to give me the grace to be strong....Thanks for sharing emoticon
    1934 days ago
    I feel you so much on this topic. Yes, it is soooo hard to resist donuts. Especially if i see some free sample at grossly store like Costco, they offers sample foods every conner of the store. And it is hard for me to resist try the junk process foods. Also my hubby loves their blueberry muffins and double chocolate muffin. Since they are where house, so we can't just buy one, so always end up with 12 muffins. Right at this moment in our dinning table 9 muffins are staring at me !! Lol)) The stress and boredom is my best enemy as well. I just can't wait for the5 % challenge to starts... Buy the way, what type of foods can you eat when you are on Lent ?
    1934 days ago
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