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2/7/13: A Whirlwind Day

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I am so tired today. I went to bed really early- like 10:30- and didn't wake up until 9. I woke up, and apparently I slept through my alarm because I had an alarm for 8:15 to get to lab on time at 9. Ugh. I drove to lab and we worked out a synthesis procedure. So stupid- our instructor didn't really specify was "3 step synthesis" meant to him, and we thought, oh, a Grignard- 1) prepare, 2) add in ketone, 3) finish with acid work up. But no, the Grignard process counts as ONE. So we changed it to something different- still forming an alcohol but it's a crazy looking one- a diol with a MW that's almost double what we started with, so we will definitely get our 100 mg of product (seriously, it means we only need ~1% of our initial starting material to turn into the product, and since we have used some, maybe more like ~2-3% needed to complete the reaction).

Anyway, afterward we decided to go to a pizza buffet and I am awful and said yes :P It was fun, which is what matters most because it does NOT happen often. I had two pieces of pizza plus two of dessert pizza, some monkey bread, and some fries because I LOVE potatoes, and I ate the least out of all of us :P Awkward though; I couldn't find my wallet. I owe Bob $7 now. Wallet turned up in the car under the seat, even though Sister told me it wasn't there.

I finished ALL of my physics homework. I'm ready for the quiz tomorrow.

OH I DIDNT TELL YOU GUYS. This is so exciting.

Wednesday, the day after my quant exam, I was getting into my Physics room, and Strode (quant prof) was wiping down the board from his gen chem class, and he stopped to talk to me ad told me I got the last problem right! He said that was all he has looked at because it was the "hard problem" and wanted to know how many people figured it out. Anyway, he left the room, then popped back in and said, "You're a chem major, right?" and I said "Mhm!!" and he sighed with relief and said, "Oh good!" Then we chatted a little bit about his grad school research... He did what I want to do. Uhm, mentor? PLEASE?! I like him.

I'm feeling pretty decent today. I am excited to watch the new Big Bang theory, whenever I can. I've got to finish up some quant homework for tomorrow and then work on some ochem.

I didn't get to the gym today because I was running around. It's 6:43 so I could go, but homework and school HAS to come first, so I will do my home workouts instead- which I can post!

- Jackknives
- Leg Raises (straight-leg double)
- Angled Side Bridge
- Back Extension
- Side Plank
- Normal Plank
- Crunch on ball

- Wall squats with ball
- Lateral Lunges
- Hamstring Flexion
- Calf Rocking (with dumbbell-like objects)
- Bridges
- Lying Abduction (with band)
- Lying Adduction (with band)

Upper Body: (I'm aiming to do a pull-up, so that's what this is mostly focused on)
-At the Apartment:
--Pull-Up Bar work: right now, this involves "walk the planks" where I use a chair to hoist me up, and then I "walk the plank" and try to keep myself in the "up" position and then do "negatives": goal is to do sets of 8 until exhausted!
--Upright Dumbbell Rows
--Dumbbell Seated Rear Lateral Raise
--Dumbbell Shoulder Internal Rotations
--Dumbbell Shoulder External Rotations
--Dumbbell Shrug

^ The upper ones were hard to think about, because I am so focused on the pull-up right now that I want to fatigue those muscles with that, meaning a lot of mega compound exercises end up being off limits for the muscles that the pull-up work won't be able to fatigue. I haven't done an upper home work out yet (I did a gym one though!) so we will see what I can do after the pull-up work.
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  • 4KWALK
    WOW! Amazing what you can cram into a day.
    1926 days ago
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