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More cold and yuck

Thursday, February 07, 2013

So I made NO attempt to go out today. My legs ached most of the night to the point that I got very little sleep, until I gave up and took a pain pill around 3am. Then didn't get out of bed until 10!

It didn't help that I managed yesterday without using my crutches around the house, so when I got up this morning, stiff and sore and kind of NEEDING them-one of them at least-they were out in the living room. I tried getting the chihuahua to fetch them for me, but no dice. He just kind of looked at me with this "what do you think I am, a Golden Retreiver?" Face and curled back up on my pillow. So, I VERY carefully got up and walked through the house to get my crutches. Once I was in the living room, I remembered Hubs put my spare pair behind the bedroom door. DUH!

I have to get up tomorrow at the buttcrack of dawn to go to the Dr for my 6 week evaluation on my knee. I'm toying with the idea of takinf my swim bag since the office is only a couple of blocks from the Y. I would still need to arrange a ride there, but my ride coupons would stretch for that. Even if the weather is nasty, the pool is always warm. And exercise WOULD feel good, especially after the brownies this week. And I could find out when the next class starts.

I'm still a little apprehensive about that, but once I sign up and commit to it, I will follow through (except for when I have "girl issues"). And I did manage to lose decent weight the last time. I'm wondering if I can get over my fear of heights to be able to use the walking track and the NuStep that is upstairs...does anyone have any advice on that?

I never really used to be afraid of heights, then I got really heavy. One day, I sat on top of a wooden picnic table and it collapsed and I hit the back of my head pretty hard (I still have a dent, lol) and I have been afraid of walking, standing, sitting, or climbing on anything of any distance above ground since then. I don't even like climbing on a stepstool or chair to change a lightbulb. I'm not real fond of my porches, either and they are only a couple of feet up to get into the house. I have been wondering lately if my fear is related to my size...

Anyway, back to the issue of do I go swimming tomorrow or not? I know I have to get on the scale at the Dr. That has the potential to be very, very good, not so bad, not so good, and oh my gosh, what the h#%$ was I thinking when I ate those brownies?!

Of course, I know that the brownies were not the cause of any weight issues I may or may not have this week. My being too *lazy, achy, in pain, bored, lazy* to bother fixing and eating proper meals and being flat out unable to get to the store to buy easy healthy options really hasn't helped. The lazy has really been the worst though. I could have toughed it out through the pain to eat decently.

Seeing 4 days of nothing in my tracker out of the last 10 shows me that I have started slacking. And all of the days I have tracked, yesterday was the only day I came near my calories (over by 100something, oops) the other days I was anywhere from 400-800 under. There is where my problem is.

So, I know what I need to do. I just need to get my big butt motivated to do it. I need to get up in the morning and 1-HAVE COFFEE or cocoa or even better, mocha! 2 Eat breakfast. Toast with peanut butter or and english muffin with sausage, or even a protein bar. As long as I eat something. 3-Go swimming! 3 days a week. Well, exercising in the pool. Swimming laps is not going to happen. My knees are not up to that yet. 4 eat after exercising. Again, even if it is just a protein bar. 5 get my protein back up!!

Another big issue is going to be finding clothes that fit. I REFUSE to wear any of the "new" styles that have the "waistbands" way down halfway between my bellybutton and crotch. WHAT were they thinking when they MADE clothing in my size like that??? I am NOT dressing like I'm going out to work the Strip in Vegas. End of discussion. I am also not going to wear anything that looks like someone vomited on me or makes me look like I was in a paint factory explosion. And glow-in-the dark colors? Not even talking about it.

I would say I can just make my own, but my son's lovely rat, I mean dog, chewed my sewing machine cord in half before Christmas. The only way that is getting replaced is if I can sell at least 2 more sweaters or afghans. Or the sewing machine fairy drops one on my doorstep.

I used to have a spare, but I gave it to my neighbor. In exchange for taking care of me after my knee surgery. She was supposed to come over every day to make sure I had meals and to help me wash my hair and do light housework for 3 weeks after Hubs went back to work. Yeah, she came over once in the middle of the afternoon to say she had fallen on the ice wasn't able to help. Let's just say the work ethic around here isn't real strong.

I do have some dresses in the closet. I suppose I could start wearing them. And I can go to St Vincent's down in Green Bay to look for older jeans and skirts. Ooh! I could get some farmers overalls! That would be cool, because they have the straps, so even when they get too big, they won't fall down!

Okay, time to get off the internet and back to the real world. I have things to knit. I've started on another prayer shawl, this one is for the mother of the girl with cancer. I will post a photo of it soon, please pray over it when I do post the photo.

Have a wonderful night and a great Friday. Stay warm and dry (unless you are in a pool)
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