Month One: Done and Done (Long) Recap!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

First off, since this became a monster post I wanted to say "thank you" to SparkPeople and the entire community here at the top. Everyone's support helped me keep motivated through the month, and made me think twice before quitting. I've also met some really cool people this month, and can't wait to learn more about you all and root for your own success. The site's wealth of knowledge helped me educate myself daily and makes this feel more like the right lifestyle choice rather than torture to fit into a bikini.

Today marks a month since I started this journey. My goals were:

Keep drinking my water. I've been consistent with 12 glasses a day for the past 2 months, and 8 glasses a day all of last year.

To keep on my exercise schedule without getting lazy and having extra "rest" days, and on the opposite end of the token don't keep adding exercises until you burn yourself out. This has been a major downfall in my most recent attempts. Start out with a scheduled hour, end up working out 3 hours a day by the end of the week. Bad business.

Eat healthier. No strict diet plan, just incorporate as many fruits and veggies as I can, stop cooking with so much butter (It really is a crutch.), cut back on junk food, and remember to bring half my food home for the next day when I eat at a restaurant.

Don't get discouraged with minor setbacks; because I've ridden this train enough to know that they do happen, sometimes often, and it isn't worth jumping from the train at full speed because they upset you.

Later in the month I added that I'd like to lose at least 2-3 lbs a week, and ideally 12 lbs a month, but as long as my loss was consistent this wasn't a strict goal.

Overall the month was a success. I did have a couple of those setbacks I anticipated: a major bout of depression and insomnia in the middle of the month, a scale that sometimes couldn't make up it's mind, and some serious exercise boredom this week, but I'm glad to say I worked through it and ended strong.

I cooked a lot healthier this month, cut the better in half at least, and I don't eat out more than twice a month, but both times I remembered to half my food. Ate a lot more fruit, considering it used to be a rarity in my diet, and added a few extra vegetables. Got up to 15 glasses a water a day for the first 3 weeks, but got lazy due to erratic sleep schedules and dropped back down to 12. As long as I'm still at 12 I'm happy.

I stuck to my exercise schedule of 50 minutes a day/5 days a week without adding on or slacking. This week I was sick to death of my workout videos, which I was sad (and confused) about because I love them. Considered quitting altogether, but decided to try exercise games for a couple days instead. (Wrote a blog about it a couple days ago.). So glad I chose to try something new rather than quitting. I have renewed motivation and I'm sore all over. I almost think the dancing games are giving me a better workout than the videos. Thinking about adding some yoga on one of my rest days. I do a little to cool down after workouts now and like it a lot. A yoga only day would be fun.

I feel stronger and I have more flexibility than I did last month. Bending to tie my shoes doesn't kill me anymore, and now I'm ashamed that it ever did. I had a day out yesterday, and didn't get tired nearly as fast either. I also have some bat wings forming on my arms. Thought it would be terrible and initially freaked out, but it's the happiest fear I've ever had. I smile and cringe at the same time when I hold my arms out in front of a mirror.

Pounds lost: 11.1
Inches lost:
2.5 in. in midsection
6 in. in each thigh
1 in. on my arms
1 in. in my neck
More energy
Easier shoe tieage
Christmas pants nearly falling down
Bat wings forming

My goals for this month:

Keep my exercise schedule and remember to switch it up to avoid boredom. Add real strength training to help the flab.

Continue with my water schedule.

Continue eating healthier. Attempt to make more foods from scratch and cut down on processed foods.

Try to lose another 12 lbs this month, but if not don't panic; just keep on fighting.

Keep trying my best and accept things as they come; stop stressing so much about everything under the sun.
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    Sounds like you've gotten off to a great start and have a plan to continue your success!
    2298 days ago
  • JRYAN513
    That is awesome. I am hoping to find the same encouragement to not stop like I normally do. Just reading your blog is an inspiration. emoticon
    2298 days ago
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