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Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I don't know about the rest of you, but it seems as though women all around the world woke up these past few years and decided, ya know what? I'm working out today, damn the man! Out of all the people I speak with about fitness ( notice I said fitness not weight loss ) none of them are men. And the one person that comes to me for weight loss tips, is male. Not that I don't fist pump every person equally. But it's like women just decided that all this weight loss mumbo jumbo, fad diets, and restriction no longer fit their needs. That instead of just looking good like those Old Navy manikins, we wanted to feel good under the clothes. We want that six packs and toned arms. So instead of a going straight to a cardio machine, we looked at kettlebells. Instead of signing up for an aerobic class we checked out the local CrossFit gym. We no longer deprive ourselves of carbs, cookies, cake, or chips. We learn to eat clean 80% of the time, and that cheat days are important. When I look on Pinterest for workout ideas, almost all are geared towards woman. All the motivational pics have a strong, fit (not skinny) woman in them. I don't mean to say that men have disappeared from the fitness world. There is still a random Arnold S looking motivational pic here and there. But it's as if the world shifted. When out on my runs on a local popular trail, I pass mostly woman. It's amazing. It's like we should high five each other as we pass. As if to say, we did it, we broke out of the norm, we broke the mold. We are fierce! We jog for hours! We lift some serious weights! We eat clean, while still enjoying out favorite foods! We are woman, hear us roar! Ok maybe a little extreme. But I really do think we all deserve a pat on the back for going out there and trying something that use to be a mans world. The gym was for guys, and weights, pft, no that doesn't look feminine. We sweat and are proud! We walk around with sore muscle and savor every last ache. We post here about eating a whole bag of chips and go right back to the grindstone the very next day. Failure isn't an option for most of us. We fall down and pick ourselves right back up. We make goals and keep them. So here's to every woman out there that is doing it for them. For their mind, body and soul. Whether you put some serious miles on your running shoes or are doing the C25K. Whether you can lift half a nation on your shoulders or just started a toning program. You are badass! Never forget that.

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