Happy Thursday

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I hope you are having a better Thursday than Southern California is having. I don't know if this report is going all over the country or just in our area, but we have a cop killing sniper on the loose down here.

I am changing up my exercise routine today. Well, I am doing the same thing, just at a different time, so I hope I stay motivated. I wanted to see if I would have some more energy if I didn't do my cardio and strength right after each other. I am going to do my C25K program and follow up walk this afternoon when it warms up a little, and then I am going to do Body Pump and CXWorks at 5:30pm with a "new" instructor. It is my usual aqua teacher and I like her very much. I would like to see how she runs the class.

That is about all today. Be safe out there. There are a bunch of loony tunes around.
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