Winter 5% Challenge Assignment #4

Thursday, February 07, 2013

For the purpose of this assignment a Trigger Food is defined as the one that gets you off course and you are not eating because you are truly hungry. A Trigger Situation is where you are, who you are with and what you are doing when this happens. Example – you are home alone, watching TV and you eat a cookie, then another and soon you are looting the kitchen for anything that looks good. Or you had good intentions about going out for dinner with a friend, but a high calorie appetizer and then a big dessert also landed in front of you. An hour later you regret that the binge and don’t even want to think how many calories you just consumed! You tell yourself, I know better, why did I do? I won’t do that again! Let's assess the Triggers -

**When I'm home alone at night and I want to eat something, I'm usually just bored. I try and ask myself, what do I want? am I actually hungry? If I don't know, I either have a cup of tea or find something else to do. Sometimes I will have almonds, but I take 6 out of the bag, seal the bag and bring the six almonds to the couch with me. The bag stays.

**If I go out to eat with friends, I've been much better about ordering healthy choices, turning down appetizers and not loading up on bread. If we do get dessert, it'll be something that we can all share. We'll pass the plate around and each take a portion. I only eat what's on my plate.

List ALL your trigger foods. Is it a snack food or part of a meal? Are they sweet or salty? Hot, cold or room temperature? Carbs, comfort foods?
**French fries. I do try and leave some on the plate, and not eat them all. Cookies/sweets. Been trying to avoid them or just have one.

What are the sources of the Triggers Foods? Is it a fast food restaurant? Drive thru? Food you order in? Grocery store? Convenience store? Meals at family or friends? Co-workers birthday cake? Treats from others?
**Sometimes it's just if it's in front of me or in the house. At work, we always have goodies and candies around.... again, I try to avoid.

Describe the most common situations where you reach for the trigger foods or snacks. What room are you in, what time is it, what are you doing, who is with you, and how do you feel? Are you tired? Are you eating to feel better? Are you rewarding yourself? Soothing yourself? Are you bored? By getting the food how does it make what you are doing better? What should you be doing at that time?
**At work, in the afternoon, want something sweet. Sometimes go for candy/cookies. Sometimes bored or sometimes just craving sweet. Or at night, alone, usually bored.

Do you see a pattern? What types of foods are you reaching for? Does convenient access make a difference? How can you better handle the situations to avoid the triggers and not binge or eat more than you should.
**Patterns is after meals or when I'm bored. Convenience does make a difference and what it is. I don't like milk chocolate so I won't eat it, only dark. I can either not keep the food around or just allow myself one piece of chocolate and put the rest back in the freezer.

That is what this assignment is about - how will you not do that again? Can you pick a replacement habit or behavior that will cause you to pause, and think do I really want to do this, and why? Maybe it would help to walk away from the trigger - drink water, go for a walk, phone a friend, go outside, look out the window, brush your teeth, or play with your pet? Be consistent so you can develop the new habit.

Write out your strategy to avoid the Triggers. Maybe it’s baby steps to get you started or moderation. Don’t be a perfectionist. Consider most of the time you will get it right.

**Continue to replace food with tea, especially mint
just do something else instead of eating
as we know, deprivation of any food isn't good, so allow myself small controlled portions
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    3008 days ago
    Good work on this blog. I have more trigger situations than foods. Good luck with the snow!
    3013 days ago
    Finding & confronting your triggers is a really positive step. Just don't forget to enjoy yourself in spite of the weight loss journey. Find things you enjoy to replace the less healthy choices. Life is for living, not suffering. You only pass this way once.
    3013 days ago
    Awesome job!! Knowing what triggers us and having mechanisms to cope are awesome!
    3014 days ago
    How insightful! Thanks. emoticon
    3014 days ago
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