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Let's Build a House!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Oh no. Here I find myself again. heh.

I received an instigatory email a couple of days ago from a magazine to which I used to subscribe, but dropped it because it was making me crazy (-ier). They have diabolically chosen to continue to send the email version, however. I can never resist looking at it simply because I can’t. Won’t. I did love the magazine (Mother Earth) – but it started all sorts of imaginary plots and schemes that I could never follow up on then and certainly could not do now. We have a small piece of acreage that I’d sited most of these fantasies upon…but we live in an apartment now, and I can’t see their looking with any enthusiasm upon a chicken tractor crawling around between the buildings, no matter what good argument I might make about bug control and fertilization and the simple pleasures of chickens! I love all kinds of domestic poultry. No little part of this is due to the gifts in the form of delectable eggs that they provide!

The magazine was always full of gardening enticements (for which I need little enticement to begin with)… but wait. Stop it. That’s not the topic.

This latest edition featured an article on *SILO* homes. ?!? How outrageous! How very much right up my alley! oboy I think the originals were probably abandoned structures…but since you can still purchase new ones, it looks like the industry has gotten a bit of a new lease on the market – albeit not quite what they’d planned for. But just look at these things!

I’m enchanted. Well, I’ve always had a sort of screwy bent. I’ve had a yearning for domes ever since I first knew about them. I still have, unfortunately. Another fantasy I’ll never see brought to fruition… I’m way beyond living out in the boonies now, and DH just can’t handle the “round” thing. He objects to the angle of the walls where they meet the foundation. Most modern domes have riser walls that eliminate that. They also have dormers and extensions to break up the roundness. I told him, “just because the overall building is round, there’s no reason there couldn’t be a big wraparound verandah that would give the impression of some “squareness.” He’s unimpressed. Personally, all that space is exactly what attracts me!

Seriously…what’s not to love?
Plus the structural benefits are unparalleled. Yes, silos do have similar aesthetic appeal (for me – detractions for him), but if you see photos of silos (real working silos) in the afterpath of storms, they’re pretty much reduced to twisted wrecks of metal. Sort of like a soda can that’s been squished in the parking lot. Domes, on the other hand, survive nearly ANYthing. I saw a story about one out on a NC beach that got a direct hit from a hurricane several years ago. All the other vacation homes in the vicinity were destroyed. The poor dome suffered too: the wind rolled it right off its foundation! Poor thing. They had to get some big construction equipment to roll it back on. I suppose the interior was a bit worse for wear. However, if I had my “druthers,” I’d be gaily floating through life in a dome home with a dome outbuilding (s) full of critters…with a dang chicken tractor in the yard (right next to the garden plot!). sigh

In the course of this latest lunacy, it occurred to me that I would benefit from a short foray into language. Definitions, specifically. The thing which seems particularly appropriate in this vein is…

ma•nia, noun \ˈmā-nē-ə, -nyə
1: excitement manifested by mental and physical hyperactivity, disorganization of behavior, and elevation of mood
2: excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm
Middle English, from Late Latin, from Greek, from mainesthaito be mad; akin to Greek menos spirit
First Known Use: 14th century
Related to MANIA
Synonyms: aberration, dementia, derangement, lunacy, madness, insanity, rage
Antonyms: mind, saneness, sanity
Other Terms
hypochondria, intelligence, narcissism, neurosis, pathological, psychosis, subliminal

How disappointing to find this is a “syndrome.” huh Doesn’t EVERYbody react to exciting new ideas this way? sheesh

Aberration is my life. Back to “unreasonable enthusiasm!”

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SKATER787
    I'd go for the chicken tractor (least amount of work to satisfy your inner voice). Keep the horse (before selling it) and ditch the dome home!
    2041 days ago
    Oh, I loved the horse, too!! In fact, we had a TWH who looked *a lot* like the one pictured there!

    I just love how critters insert themselves. This one thinks s/he'd like to be a photographer! LOL
    2069 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Am I the only one who is amused by the horse photobomb?
    2070 days ago
    Love the silo houses. I've thought for quite a while that I'd like to live in a Yurt but I can't afford land on which to put it so like you, I'm currently living in an apartment. They wouldn't go for the chickens, either, but it sure would be cool to have all those home-grown, fresh eggs from one's own healthy chickens!
    2147 days ago
  • 1SALMON1
    One of the best things I've found on Sparkpeople is excellent, entertaining writing - like this! Your blog cheers me up and I often and deeply need cheering. Thank you again and again, Exotec! As for silo homes they are beautiful and I want to learn more about them - bet they could be make safe (r?). And I have always wanted to live in a g. dome. They seems both sensible and beautiful! Wonder if the riser walls could be straw-bale or cob, with the dome on top...? I have pondered suburban chickens - in our city we can have 6 - but when they are old & not laying anymore whatever would I do? I never had to kill a chicken yet... I'd end up with a flock of geriatric hens tottering around, & geriatric me trying to keep them safe from the raccoons.
    Anyway, I say Hip Hooray for aberration!
    2199 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Great blog; love your enthusiasm for the ideas.
    2200 days ago
    I love the silo homes, I suspect they get very hot in the summer though. We don't have much land, just 100x100 feet, but lots of ducks and eggs. I love them. Someday some acreage would be lovely. emoticon
    2200 days ago
    Wow! That is amazing. No need to turn to the dictionary! Feel it all on your pulse.

    Lovely pictures!
    2200 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Part of that sounds like my childhood! lol We did have a chicken coop in our garage and had fresh eggs plus more we sold. That was in town and then we moved out into the country and had cages of pheasant, quail, guinea (however you spell those birds) plus others as well as a pond with ducks and geese. Those were the day. My uncle in Texas also had a dome room attached to his house-don't know if he made much selling them but he tried. It was a great room though.
    2200 days ago
  • ANDY_54
    Too funny about Mother's Earth--I love that magazine and all that's in it, but wow what a lot of ideas in there! DH and I live on a hobby farm (crops only) and I would LOVE to get some chickens. May have to present the idea up the chain, LOL. Great ideas about housing, too. I saw one the other day that was built so small it could be transported on wheels to another location. Thought that was great as long as one of us was out of the house any given time, hee. Great blog!
    2200 days ago
    I LOVELOVELOVE this blog. Gypsy chicken houses totally capture my imagination - as do tiny houses (I live in a house that qualifies - but I often think it is too large), as do communities with a commitment to the organic and the sustainable - my neighbors all have free-ranging chickens and I have often tended them in exchange for eggs, so I don't need to have my own flockette, but I definitely have a fowl temperament.
    2200 days ago
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