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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Before I begin with the good stuff, I want to make a complaint. I read recently here on SparkPeople that small amounts of fat actually help you absorb the vitamins and minerals you need--so, for instance, don't go with the fat-free dressing on your salad, because the fat that is in your dressing makes your salad better for you. And I thought, "Cool! Good to know," even though I usually put so much good stuff on my salads I don't usually like any dressing.

The complaint, though, is about a bottle of Italian dressing I pulled out of my refrigerator this morning to marinate some thawing chicken in. Because the bottle makes that claim. Sure, it's not so bad to be able to make the claim, but I believe that for people to read that on the bottle of salad dressing, and for people to not know that they still only need a SMALL amount, they're going to be pouring it on. I'm talking about people like my husband, who eats twice a day and then has a candy bar because his diabetes medicine makes his blood sugar drop too low. And THEN doesn't understand why I think there are healthier options... though he does understand why I am frustrated with his doctor, who tells him NOTHING about the disease except that he should take these pills.

Anyway, on to the happiness.

It was drizzly and cold yesterday afternoon when I left work, and I left work late, so I didn't have time to go work out before I picked up my girls. No worries, because I could do it even with them home--the plan was, at least, to do some crunches. I got them home, gave my girl a snack and put on "Jake and the Neverland Pirates", which I think would make Barrie shudder, seeing what Disney has done to his Neverland... put the baby in her swing, and started loading up the dishwasher. My husband got home early, so he played with the baby while I finished with the dishes. He said he was starving, so instead of waiting for dinner, he was going to just eat a sandwich. That was fine with me, because I wasn't even hungry. I cleaned off some counters and got some of the "handwash only" dishes done. My husband told me his foot was falling asleep, so I took the baby and her bottle from him and laid her down on the couch, where she ate and went back to sleep. I got the dishwasher going, then loaded up a basket of laundry and took it out to put it in the washer. When I came back in, my girl told me she wanted to go take a bath, so off we went to do that. She played in the tub for a while, we did some searching for specific letters in the floating alphabet she has, and I went and moved the laundry into the dryer, putting another load into the washer. Once my daughter was clean--we even got her hair shampooed and rinsed out without any tears or screaming (it's the only part of a bath she usually hates, always has) she decided to wear her Supergirl costume, went back to watching Jake & TNP, asked for a cup of chocolate milk while I was making up a bottle of green beans and beef for the baby. I moved more clothes around in the laundry room, got a little bit folded, noticed my husband had fallen asleep in his chair--and after a few minutes he woke up and went to bed. I let my daughter watch a little bit more, got her teeth brushed and got her in bed, and just around that time, the baby was waking up. I took a bowl of cereal to the couch, sat down and ate it, playing with and then nursing her, watching a little TV, and playing with the baby some more, who was by then wide awake, cheerful, wriggly and had no interest at all in going to bed. I did finally nurse her back to sleep, and decided I would watch the end of that episode of Mad Men before Crunch Time. Only, I fell asleep. I woke up less than an hour later because the baby was crying again... got her back to sleep without too much trouble, then when I put her back down on her end of the couch, she started fussing again, so I stayed there, leaned over with my hands on her, and in that position, I fell asleep again.

I'm in the second week of the 10-minute daily exercise challenge, and I'm already behind... unless you count housework as exercise. And I can catch up, right? We'll see how the weather is later today to determine whether or not I'm taking the girls out, and one way or the other I'm getting some ST today. Tomorrow's my man's day off and he can sleep in, so I am sure I can count on him to keep his eyes open long enough to help me out tonight. And I've already got chicken marinating, so dinner is definitely going to be on! Yay! I just hope I am hungry for it.

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  • SAMI199
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I love hearing about your girls-you are such a great Mom! Housework counts...

    1962 days ago
    I understand your problem with your husbands Dr. as they have iittle training in the field of diet. I know that they have programs about it from time to time here with dietitians. Or you can ask the Dr. to write him an order to see one. I don't have a clue how you do so much in a day jsut ready all the things you do wears me out. LOL. With all the time you spend on your feet doing things it does count as a work out. Just don't give up.. emoticon emoticon
    1963 days ago
    so much you are doing great attitude is what really matters and yours is the best
    1963 days ago
    I hear ya with both the dressing AND the husband. What kind of doctor tells someone who is diabetic "just take pills?" The doctor my husband recently saw actually laid into quite a bit by saying "medication is NOT the answer- losing weight and eating healthy is the answer" THANK YOU!

    Bless you for watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates- that show really urks me, they made Captain Hook turn out to be such a sissy.

    You day sounds so much like mine, baby, dishes, laundry, baths, lol good to know I'm not the only one.

    What is a bottle of green beans and beef? I am intrigued. No spoon feeding?

    I def. count housework as exercise! My muscles can tell me when I've used them and I am sore after housework on strenuous days.
    1963 days ago
    You are an excellent mother and provider. You deserve a huge emoticon emoticon emoticon

    If I were in your shoes -- which I have four children 6-14 but I am stay at home mom. I wouldn't be able to do all you do without asking my husband for a little more help. You rock with all you do without asking for any help.

    1963 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/7/2013 2:47:28 PM
    Whew!! I got tired just reading that! Sounds like one of my days when the boys were younger. Just remember--this is a season in your life that will pass, and you will look back with fond memories and miss that time as they get older......

    Never, never regret a missed workout to spend real time with your kids and husband....
    1963 days ago
    Housework totally counts as exercise.
    1963 days ago
  • CARI2012
    Wow! It sounds a lot like my house. You have the best intentions and then all of a sudden the day is over and you are collapsing from exhaustion! Where does that time go?!?!?
    1964 days ago
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