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Quick question about stevia

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I use stevia as a sweetner almost everyday. I much have about 5 packs per day. It doesn't seem to effect my blood sugar by making it spike. I was wondering if any of you use it and if there are any known side effects.
Today is yet another beautiful day here in sunny Mexico.
I hope all of you have a terrific day.
I am at goal weight will work on getting a little under goal as I am getting hungry for a splurge for pizza. My favorite food.
Have a terrific day.
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    I use stevia and it goes a long way One packet of stevia will last me three to four days for my coffee. Triva is a brand claiming to be made from steva. It has all the unheathly addatives that the food industry does when they find a product that the general public is purchasing.
    1961 days ago
    can't offer any help since I don't sweeten anything
    1962 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    I didn't read any of the responses BUT just Google "stevia side effects!" Scared the hell outta me. Here's just a couple...

    It can lower bl00d sugar and blood pressure!

    Be safe, Sallie!
    1962 days ago
    I usually drink my tea and coffee without
    sweetener. When I crave something sweet,
    I just use a half teaspoon of regular sugar.
    At least I know it's natural and comes from
    our state. emoticon
    1962 days ago
    I don't use sweetners, generally. Honey if I want too. It just keeps me wanting sweets! I have been know to dilute Blue Agave & put some in my coffee, that comes from your part of the world, RIGHT?

    Love you!
    1962 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Stevia is NOT an artificial sweetener. It is made from a plant. -- Yes, I use it, but a little goes a long way for me. I have the little packets, and I can sweeten my coffee w/ about 1/3 of a packet and that is plenty.
    My understanding of Truvia is that there are other issues...

    I'm sorry, but when did the FDA become the "safe" source of info??? Consider all the GMO issues going on, and then look at where the money comes from. They CAN be bought! (Think Monsanto!)
    1962 days ago
    What a timely question for me. I never use any artificial sweetener, no diet drinks etc, but I wanted to buy some protein powder to make the high protein bars recipe I found on SP. I discovered that unless I wanted an enormous amount of sugar per serving, I would have to decide which other sweetener was best.
    The RAW organic version I bought has stevia leaf so I'll see how it goes.
    I'll check out the links for more information too.
    1962 days ago
  • DEBBY4576
    I think what a few of the others have said is good info. It is not Truvia, and you should stick with the wholeleaf, un processed kind. I use it and have had no problems. For baking I use Palm Sugar.
    1962 days ago
  • ZENXB!
    I do use stevia when I need to add a sweetener. Not very often because I try not to add extra sugar or salt to anything. I do like it better than other sweeteners because the other sweeteners upset my stomach. This does not for some reason. I did research before I started using and found good and bad... just like anything else. I figure my sweetener on my oatmeal is better than a McyD's drive by.
    1962 days ago
    Sallie, where else can you get such a response to your question. I have never tried Stevia, but enjoyed be educated by everyone that responded to your blog.

    1963 days ago
    I don't use stevia on a regular basis, but I have had it in drinks like SOBE flavored waters. Personally, I find it to be very sweet tasting, some times a little too sweet for me. I enjoy the SOBE drinks, but what I end up doing is pouring some in a cup and then adding some water to dilute it.

    You might want to check out this Spark nutrition article on Stevia.

    1963 days ago
    I usually refer to Mark Sisson, the man behind Primal Blueprint, when asking, "Is this food OK to eat?" Keep in mind Mr. Sisson is very conservative for what humans should consume and he believes stevia is fine.

    Thanks, DESERTJULZ, for the informative comment. I didn't know there was a less processed form that was green. Will have to pick some up. I love adding it to my tea, plain Greek yogurt, and smoothies emoticon
    1963 days ago
    I don't use it
    1963 days ago
    I use stevia sugar, the white form and stevia in the green leaf form daily with no bad effects. A little goes a long way and it sure does work for me.

    One of my favourite ways to use it is to mix a little into plain and greek yogurt with 1 tbsp of cocoa powder, it tastes like chocolate pudding without all the calories and gives a good serving of protein also.. a great snack!
    1963 days ago
    Yes, I use stevia every day. I see many people equating stevia with Truvia. They are not the same. Truvia has stevia as an ingredient, however, it is highly processed and has a number of other ingredients as well. I wouldn't touch the stuff. It's one of those "pretending to be healthy foods."

    PURE Stevia, on the other hand is simply an exceedingly sweet herb. The taste is not the same as sugar, so it can be an acquired taste for some. Pure stevia has been studied extensively and shown to have zero impact on blood sugar. Some studies even show it can help your body to naturally regulate your blood sugar somewhat better.

    Stevia was banned in the USA for many years while it was being embraced as a great choice in many other countries. Do you know why it was banned? Check it out. The aspartame (completely artificial sweetener) industry launched a massive campaign with the FDA to keep stevia off our shelves. When it was first allowed into the country, it had to be considered "topical" only. The aspartame industry has a sh**load of money, you know.

    Now, as to taste: if you do not like one form of stevia then try another. It comes in liquid or in powder. You can actually even buy stevia leaves and steep them like tea, if you want totally unprocessed. If the stevia is green, it is less processed. If it is liquid or white, it is more processed.

    Don't use much. It is somewhere around 100x sweeter than sugar.

    I buy the powdered green stevia by the pound. It doesn't dissolve like the more processed white stevia, so it works great in smoothies or steeped in with your loose teas. For use when you need something to dissolve quickly, you can get the white powdered stevia or the liquid.

    Stevia has been a regular part of my daily food intake since 2002, with no detrimental impact.
    1963 days ago
    I use it (very rarely), but don't know of any problems
    1963 days ago
    I have tried it along with all the others. I find that when I am on them my brain doesn't function as well. Its a little hard to explain. When I get off of them my brain goes back to the what I call normal lol. I also find that at times it makes me feel bloated. However there is side effects in any and everything we put into our mouths. I just pray over it all and ask God to remove any harmful impurites that might cause further damage. You can always stop using it for a couple of weeks or so and see if you can see or feel a difference in anything.
    1963 days ago
    I don't use stevia/Truvia mostly because I don't like the flavor. In general I avoid artificial sweeteners, but lately I've been drinking diet soda again... kind of a crutch to get me through a stressful time at work.
    1963 days ago
    I rarely use sweetners, when I do it's sugar. Enjoy the pizza, it's one of my splurges also.
    1963 days ago
  • SHEL_V2
    Any sweetener requiring FDA approval will have a documented acceptable daily intake (ADI) and the sweetener won't be approved if the available safety data make that number low enough that people are likely to exceed it. Information for Truvia, for example, is here:

    That said, this is a highly concentrated and refined product, and to me, no more natural than the other artificial sweeteners. Maybe I'm biased; most of them just don't agree with my taste buds.
    1963 days ago
    Haven't tried it but those who have don't seem to see any problems. Good luck!
    1963 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Sounds like you got some good info here already. I haven't heard of any side effects with it. Only thing I have heard in general is that sometimes using zero calorie sweeteners can make you crave more sweets. But you never seem to have that problem so I would think it is working just fine for you :-)
    1963 days ago
    I don't use Stevia, I don't know much about it.

    emoticon on your emoticon . Being at Goal is emoticon
    1963 days ago
    Very rarely do I use stevia, so can't help you there, but gotta agree . . . if it has to be approved by the FDA and be labeled, I'd look into it.

    Otherwise, glad it's another gorgeous day in Mexico! Hugs.
    1963 days ago
    I use Stevia also and haven't heard of any side effects from it. Not sure if there would be seeing as it is from a plant that anyone can grow.
    1963 days ago
    I used stevia pretty regularly, and have no trouble. 3-5 packs a day. Web MD has an article on it:

    Click on the "side effects" tab. It's considered "generally recognized as safe" and is approved for use. Dietician Beck Hand has stated several times in the message boards that it's fine.

    Some other links:

    1963 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/7/2013 10:11:48 AM
  • LIS193
    I don't know much about sweeteners... I do however think that if you have to have it, go for natural rather than chemical. Stevia "claims" to be natural but if it needs a label and approval from the FDA - maybe not...
    Enjoy your pizza!
    1963 days ago
    I use it sometimes, I might put 2 packets in some greek yogurt, but I don't have it every day. My mom has used it probably more than me, and I haven't heard any reports of negative side effects from her.
    1963 days ago
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