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Bi-monthly running? Really.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

My bi-weekly run was late night. Yes, I looked. I’m running about once every two weeks right now. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Granted I did accomplish about an 11 minute mile but I was EXHAUSTED after just 3 miles. I even walked a bit to catch my breath. I have a 5k in 5 weeks that my dad is coming to see me run in. He even paid for it. I have to do well. So the training has to step up a bit. I know I should be happy with any time under 35 minutes but I would like to be around 30. No I have not out-grown the need to impress my daddy.

Tazzy was thrilled with our run. She is the other reason I need to step up the training. She’s chewing. And I think she is boredom eating. She stole a loaf of bread from the pantry yesterday and ate the entire thing. Then brought me the ripped up package! She certainly doesn’t sneak anything.

So for my heath (mental and physical), my baby dog’s health, and my childish needs I’m making a promise to run more. Yes, I said the word promise and that carries wait with me. I can say I will do something - sometimes I will, sometimes I won’t. I don’t break promises. 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week is the minimum acceptable. Now I still don’t have a treadmill and the cold is affecting my hip, so I guess I’m going to be doing lots of running in place. I don’t know if that will help my actual performance, but it is all I can think of.
In other news, I did accomplish my goal of 100 push-ups yesterday. Barely! Great arms of burning fire I need to work on my upper body! I just squeaked out the last few, and I’m certain it was with horrible form. So I need to come up with more ST on the upper body I will actually do. Guess I have something to think about.

My person challenge for the day? I need a really good sweat with something different. I’m thinking 100 jumping jack and 100 burpees. I’m sitting here really debating if I can do this, but I have to push and push hard to get myself going again. This is certainly pushing!

***Just realized - the movie quote was Remo Williams the Adventure Begins! I know obscure and sad but I like the quote!***
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    emoticon emoticon

    Tazzy is so funny! how cute that she doesn't even hide the evidence! emoticon
    1870 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    It is better to have run and lost (to your dog)
    Than never to have run ...

    1902 days ago
    Keep trying!!

    Don't give up

    you don't have to run fast, you just have to get out there and run emoticon
    1902 days ago
    Have fun running! That taz. She wanted you to see her damage! They really don't have jogging videoes, but you can jog instead of walk on the web site. Leslie Samsone posts free videoes. I use them for indoor walk/jogs. You go to the site then click on "Walk Social". I think you have to register then to see the free videoes, but you only get an occasional E-mail from them. I turn them up so I can hear them and walk/job all thru the house! Make your Daddy proud! Take care of that hip!I'm here rooting for you!
    1903 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Once it warms up and the days get a little longer I know you'll be right back at it. That is great for next month, but doesn't do a darn thing for this week. Running in place is dead boring, but it's got to be better than nothing huh?

    Have a good Friday tomorrow!
    1903 days ago
    Making a promise to yourself is awesome! I'm like you if I give my word, then short of death you can bet it will get done. That's part of how I'm staying off the sugar, I promised myself I'd go 30 days, so simply put I HAVE to do it.

    I was thinking about your running situation, is there some place nearby with an indoor track or even a mall that isn't particularly busy at night where you could go in and run? Perhaps even a school gym that will let you trade of some gym time for volunteer work or barter an evening of dog training for students with dogs to get gym time....just a thought, I know you're already super busy, so perhaps not the best thought lol.
    1903 days ago
    1903 days ago
    You have your own personal cheerleaders cheering you on all the way!

    1903 days ago
    Well at least Tazzy doesn't hide anything. I know you can do this.
    1903 days ago
    OMG. . . . chewing . . . that's my Mr. Spot the Wonder Dog's go-to activitiy if he's bored or feeling "underappreciated!" Mr. Spot's comment . . . "Bread! Yummy!"

    LOL Well, good luck on stepping up the running. HUGS
    1903 days ago
  • ANDY_54
    Cheering you sound like you have a plan! My dog chews on her blanket--that's when I know I need to step up her exercise, lol. Take care.
    1903 days ago
    You can do it! Great job for getting back to your running!
    1903 days ago
  • LANA2520
    keep it up happy for you you back and runing i lokk up to you all the thing that u went throught and your back on track emoticon emoticon
    1903 days ago
    Wow is all I can say! Last time I checked in on your blogs, you were quite sick. Now to read this you would never know you had been through all of that!! You are a powerhouse, as usual. I dream to have goals as bold as yours, and to be able to follow through! Incredible!!
    1903 days ago
    you are doing batter than me at the moment love.keep on keeping on emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1903 days ago
    Making the commitment to yourself to get out more is the most important thing. Sometimes I tell myself "Just do 1 mile" and I always end up going more. Once you get all dressed up and sweaty anyway, might as well keep on going, right?

    But I have been having trouble getting enough mileage in, too. :-( I joined the TAJI100 challenge, to walk or run 100 miles in the month of February, to get my butt going, but I am behind. Hooray for weekend long runs!

    Way to go--keep it up!

    1903 days ago
    Haha, Tazzy can't sneak anything, that's funny. She tattles on herself, hehe.

    Glad to hear you are running more! You are amazing. Goal of 30 minutes for a 5k, that's awesome! Good luck with the training and the 5k, can't wait to hear about it.

    1903 days ago
    I managed to do 100 modified pushups yesterday. I will do the 100 jumping jacks today.

    I signed up to do a couple virtual 5ks. It helps me to stay focused. Maybe if you signed for one or two it would help keep you on track?
    1903 days ago
    emoticon I am cheering for you! emoticon

    Let's get you back to running more. How about we plan to do a virtual 5K in a few weeks, just to keep you motivated? I've been doing one a week, and it really helps me to want to keep training. And I'm happy to share my motivation with you.

    Knowing dogs like I do, I'm sure that Tazzy has an annoying habit that will almost certainly make sure you get her out running. For me, it's when I go to the bathroom before I put my shoes on. That's Jasper's signal to start crying, whining, and making funny noises until I hook him up to his leash. emoticon emoticon

    Geez, no emoticons of someone running with a dog...really SP?
    1903 days ago
    lol, dogs eat from boredom too? I thought it was only our special feature. sounds like a good plan , good luck with it! emoticon
    1903 days ago
    Good job! Glad you've commited to running more.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1903 days ago
    I give you a bunch of credit for getting out there. I haven't done any outside work in weeks due to the weather. If it's not too cold, it's raining. I'm sure that affected your breathing big time. Sounds like you can benefit from setting up a schedule. Would it help actually creating something on a spreadsheet so you can post it somewhere like the fridge? I know it helps me stay accountable.
    As far as the upper body ST? Have you checked out the videos here? Coach Nicole has some good ones that you could use. Unless you are looking at something to do at work? Weights? Anything you could use as a weight? I'm sure you will find something that works.

    1903 days ago
    Burpees are a bear, but go for it! Sounds like you have a revised plan for running now, that's good. Whatever your motivation: health, dog, impressing dad-if it gets you up and moving it's a good thing!
    1903 days ago
    Burpees! If you can do 100, you go girl. I think I can do 1 without throwing my back out! emoticon

    You can do this!! We're cheering you on!!! emoticon
    1903 days ago
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