Thursday, February 07, 2013

Brr i am cold LOL what's new! LOL wait till summer when I am hot, ( not too often! ).

So sunny,cold, windy and waiting for a storm to start tomorrow hopefully eve. I was feelling as if I was spiralling down last night, but woke after sleeping relatively well and feel fine. Yes I ate too much sweet yesterday but I still had a healthy supper, and did my exercises. I have to kep reminding myself of what I do accomplish that is good, better and right. Stop focusing on that last date square or 3 lol

Today hubby has phsyc. apt to get his meds refilled. Dr rarely has much time for a talk which is so wrong as he hasn't had anyone there to talk to in over 4 years. NOT right but whatever. I just hope he can remember to tell me when it starts to feel overwhelming. Other than that may go to store for dad, milk and omg something else hope he remembers LOL I also want to go to the veggie store it is super way cheaper than any other store. I can get 3-4 bags of veggies and fruit for under or just 20 dollars. yay DAVES fruit and veggies!

So hoping the library books I ordered come today. Also going to start the sierrasil and see what that does. Hoping it helps my aches and doesn't bother my belly or bowels. Just finished a colon cancer screening test that the province is sending to people over 50. So glad about that and now to get some veggies for stir fry.

Okay for now, starting the day, have gone for a nice walk with allie, and going to get a good healthy breakfast in now. while hubby watches his show, will either go to store or knit nicos bottom f sweater. poor boy is cold lol

I am going to go wake hubby cos I want some breakfast. If not I will get mine now and he can fend for himself LOL

cya later on!
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