Pulling it together!!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

hi SP

thank you for all your support!
sorry it's gonna be one sided in a while
I got too much going on: exams, and getting my career in place

BUT that is NOT AN EXCUSE! it has been
this is A SALES position (real estate license) so I need to CARE about how I present myself!

So yesterday I had to put a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to be healthy

I forgot that is not ingrained in my head.

I have to THINK about all this stuff!

It's so easy to say .....
"oh it's ok",
"your knee is still weird you can put off running (LIE)",
"you don't have time to cook it's ok, put it in the mirco",

My conscious effort were:

Making healthy choices (SO HARD, had to put on my "BRAKES", " STOP SIGNS")
Did some crunchs and push ups (who knew I could did do it)


KEEPING IT OFF b/c I know I can GET IT OFF! that is easy PART!!!!!!!!


My DD will start Girls on the Run at the end of this month

I chickened/lazied out and had my hubby run with her (excuses galore)

My GOAL is to RUN with her May 19, at her speed 28 min (I am assuming faster b/c that was their last time)

so 5k in under 28 in May 19th!

that will be a great motivation bc my fasted 5k was 28 that was after c25k program.

And I have decided, I would only run at most half marathon!

full was CRAZY, it threw such a monkey wrench into my life ;p

OR FORGOT....2 wedding this year (cousin and best friend!!! summer)

I am eating Breakfast now: I KNOW minor detail, but I haven't in 6 months!!!

thanks sp-family

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