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coolest exercise gadget!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

good morning everyone! take a look at this:

it's an "elliptigo". here is the company website:

i came across this when i was roaming around jenny hadfield's website the other day. it apparently has taken the running world by storm. i found out there actually is a bike shop in my area that is a dealer of these, so we may have to go there and do a test ride. they are expensive, but i am looking at long term fitness and thinking this will help me sustain my running over the long term, since it works you much like running does but lessens the chance of injury. rob seemed somewhat interested in it as well--we certainly can't afford two of them, but they are adjustable for people of different heights, so one of us could bicycle and the other could do this and we could trade off. the reviews i have read of these have been largely positive, and the california company is very dedicated to maintaining high standards, so i am very interested in this gadget.
in other news-marianne and i hit the food coop and shopped the earthworks store for awhile. i came home with some local honey and kale chips and we spent quite awhile talking with the clerk and tasting the incredible artisan cheeses they sell there. a couple are imported from europe but the rest are made in monastaries in the midwest. we each bought 2 slender slices and then divided them between us so i came home with 4 small chunks of: "moody blue"--a heavenly smoked blue cheese, "Tipperary" an irish cheddar, "Applewood smoked cheddar" that i would gladly have smeared all over my face just so i could smell it all day long, and "Menage" a delicious, complicated tasting blend of cow, sheep and goat's milk. rob had a cheese tasting last night and pronounced the applewood his favorite, so i am going to leave it out and vaccuum seal the other three so we can enjoy them later. my plan is to grill him a nice steak when the weather is nicer and put a few crumbles of moody blue on top. its such a fun little place--full of beautiful food products and lovely handmade things. i am only glad the sour cream coffee cake was above my line of sight, so i couldn't see it very well! but the big wheels of sally lunn bread were a lovely sight sitting on the counter! didn't bring one home, but now i know where to go for beautiful baked goods for a special occasion.
time to hit the elliptical--marianne is coming later and we will enjoy this warmer weather with a walk at the park.
have a terrific day!
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