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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Another drink, this time at night instead of at morning. This morning I wanted to eat something quick, small and didn't feel like using the blender so I had egg whites. But tonight, I thought I'd give the soy milk a try. But first, I guess I need to explain why I have chosen soy.

I have a number of different allergies which includes something in milk, but I don't know what it is in milk exactly. I had allergy tests done years ago when I had health insurance and the main test they do for dairy came back negative. However, when I drink mink not only do I feel sick right away and have digestive issues, I also later on when eating other dairy items have problems that include itchy mouth and lips. That isn't intolerance, that I know. And I can't afford any more tests right now, as I don't have healthy insurance or well, money. So, I do my best to limit my dairy consumption and since I am uncertain at this time what part i'm allergic to, I am hesitant to try whey (especially if it's a day I work cause I can't have a sick stomach while at work, wouldn't go over well).

That is why I have Soy Protein powder. I also looked at a couple other vegan powders but unfortunately price was the deciding factor. In the future when I need a different powder as I only bought a small container, I may consider other options. But for now I have the strawberry soy.

As for the milk, well, I actually prefer rice milk. I am not fond of almond milk cause the flakes I saw in it did not come off as appealing to me. I am not certain yet on coconut milk. I bought the soy milk this time because it was on sale. Next time, I may go with rice milk or maybe since I'm using a mini blender I might try almond milk again. But I went with whatever was cheapest that week and it happened to be soy milk. I don't drink it on a regular basis, I won't have these shakes every day, so I'm not as concerned about some of the issues people claim soy causes at this time.

Now to the actual shake.

frozen strawberries, small handful so about 4 (i have small hands)
frozen raspberries, handful (so about 10)
strawberry soy protein powder - 1 scoop
about 8 oz soy milk
less than spoonful of ground flaxseed
tbs vitamin D3

Result? not bad. I am not certain what protein shakes are supposed to be like though, so I don't know about consistency and texture. I think the flaxseed will be something I put more in things I cook instead of these shakes, but other than that, this one tastes pretty decent. Though one raspberry didn't want to blend, so i lost one. The frozen fruit is a minor challenge for my mini blender (as i only paid less than 20$ for it and can't afford a nice one). Maybe I might let the berries soften a little beforehand next time. I do like the overall fruity flavor but the flax and the seeds from the strawberries do affect the texture a bit. It's a learning process.
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    Thanks. Someone suggested coffee and I want to try that some day too, just not with the strawberry powder. Probably a plain powder or the chocolate powder would be better. Chocolate is good with coffee in general because it brings out the chocolate flavor, which is my i use coffee when making chocolate cupcakes. So, would make sense a protein shake could have good flavors when combined.
    2386 days ago
    Sounds good! I'll have to try it. I like to make protien shakes in the morning with the Folgers instant coffe. They are great.
    2387 days ago
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