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Eat healthy and save money: Part 2

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Food Storage and Prep

Once you have shopped for your food, you have to get it home and put it away. And get ready to use it. A lot of food gets wasted or goes bad because you aren't ready to use it or you make too much and don't eat it.

1. Make grocery day “Food Prep Extravaganza.” This part requires you to plan to spend some time. Plan it because it is worth it. You can really save time on food prep later in the week. Portion your meats into single portion packets, 3 oz each, and wrap them in plastic, freezer wrap, or freezer bags. Mark them with the date so you use them before they get too old. Same with vegetables. (wash them first) Since grapes are always in a bunch (heh heh heh) I like to portion them out in sandwich bags. Ditto carrots. You get the idea.

2. Prepare your own food as often as possible. I found out how much I love to cook. I eat at home probably 20 out of 21 meals a week. I started doing that mostly because I am in control of my kitchen. And it's a great creative outlet. But mostly because I control what I eat and how much. If you are at work for mealtime, take something from your kitchen.

3. Pre-package snacks. I mentioned grapes and carrots being portioned out, but how about cookies? Or even chips. It's OK to have them once in a while, but the problem is, that one pound bag of Chips Ahoy is not a single serving.

4. Grow your own herbs. Fresh herbs taste great and smell better. And McCormick makes a mint on every ounce you buy. And they look great. Some of them have the most beautiful little flowers.

5. Store the healthiest food in the front of the fridge. Put the fruit in the front. Fat free milk too. Shove the cheese and cake toward the back.

6. Put out a fruit bowl. I started to do this because I have to pass by it on my way to the kitchen. It's much better that I pass by the apples and oranges and bananas before I get there. My son used to complain that "All you have it the Weight Watcher diet garbage," gesturing to the fruit. " When I bring friends over I would like to be able to offer them something good to eat." The next time they invaded my house, they descended like locust on my fruit basket. And I was OK with that. I just got more.

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