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Birthday and Bike Ride! (clue: ouchie!!)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


So, Saturday was my 29th birthday!! Oh my....
People keep making faces when I tell them what age I am/was turning. Honestly, those people need to cool that. Why are they trying to freak me out? I don't need help having a head trip. If I freak out this year, I'm just gonna freak out every single following year, again and again. I am the SAME age difference from everyone else aroudn me that I was BEFORE I turned 29, shesh.

Personally, I really feel that the way you react to your birthday really depends on how you are feeling about your life in general. Case in point for me would be when I was approaching 25. I was approaching graduation from college, studying for the GRE, I had no idea what I wanted to do next, and I think I was realizing the relationship I was in wasn't the one for me. The quarter century mark made me FREAK OUT. I basically skipped it, because it was right before the GRE, saying "let's celebrate after" and then just didn't. Soon after I ended the relationship, moved on my own, got a grown up job. PHEW!!

So, to repeat, what I'm saying here, is I think that what really happens is birthdays make us kind of take stock in our lives, and if you are feeling lacking, you freak out. My life, of course, has room for improvement, but I'm HAPPY.

My birthday happened to be on a Saturday this year! WOO! I had an AMAZING bday weekend.
Real quick:
Friday: taken to FANCY and AMAZING dinner by the wonderful boyfriend. Stopped back at his house and he gave me sweet/thoughtful/funny presents, brought out a cake with a candle in it and sang me happy birthday. I was like, honestly, if this is all the bday stuff I get, I'm GOOD.


Afterward we went to a burlesque show and it was really funny and beautiful.

Saturday: breakfast out, hike with brother and boyfriend, went out with friends. I won at ALL the air hockey. :D

Sunday: Family birthday dinner with my dad's side. Wonderful and amazing time.

Monday: Lovely boyfriend and I both had taken the day off. It was the most BEAUTIFUL day! We went to breakfast, then went on a long bike ride! My first long bike ride. We even chose a path that took us to the healthy grocery store so I could pick up some things. (YESSS)

That brings us to the bike ride part of my tale. All together, it was about 9/10 miles, the second half of it I had a heavy backpack of food. This was my longest time on my new (ROAD) bike, and also on bumpy road conditions.
It became painfully obvious to me afterward that there is something WRONG with the way I am sitting on my bike. Apparently I've been sitting with my weight basically on my crotch. WOOPS. Honestly, it felt like my crotch was BRUISED!!

I am going to get a bike person to check out the angle of my seat, and also try to alter my position on the bike. If that doesnt work, I'm going to consider getting slightly wider tires. My bike can't take much wider because it's so narrow, but anything would be better than THIS.
Muscle soreness = good. Bruised lady parts = NOT OKAY !

Despite the pain, I am excited about cycling and hope to be able to do more long rides in the future. Preferably on SMOOTH bike paths rather than old pancake asphalt .

So, that's about it for right now! Super wonderfully happy with boyfriend, AMAZING birthday, in all the ways, and really excited about bike, despite obvious issues that MUST be improved, and SOON.

I hope you are all doing well, too! :D

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So glad you had such a great birthday!

    One thing that I noticed with bike riding: the lady parts only hurt for the first bit of getting into regular biking. Once you ride long distances regularly, it gets much better. I had horrible pain in my nethers when I first started commuting to work (about 13 miles round trip-- so not super long, but not a quickie, either), and after the first week, things were MARKEDLY better.

    It could be the type of seat, it could be the setting of the seat on your bike, but it could just be wear and tear and you'll toughen up to it.

    I do this every season, too-- the first week is horrible, but by the end of the second week, I'm golden...
    1929 days ago
    Girl... they have these things called "gel bike seat covers"... get one! Your bike sounds dangerous! LOL But yeah, the angle of the seat could be why it hurt you too... that's an easy fix! They also have pretty swanky new bike seats out there, that are supposed to alleveiate the pressure on the "lady bits"... check those out!!

    But I think it's awesome that you are so loving life right now!!! Congrats that everything is coming together for you and your new man!!!

    1929 days ago
    Really like all the the togetherness that you are experiencing this birthday.
    You sound very happy. Good for you!

    Happy Belated Birthday! Memphis sends his Bow-Wows as well.

    Scootergirl + Memphis in OZ.

    1929 days ago
    I always assume when people freak out over birthdays, their own or mine, it's because of their own issues they have with their lives. LOL. I tell people I can't WAIT to be 30! I think my 30s are going to be the best years of my life!
    1930 days ago
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