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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I watch the Biggest Loser, just about every season. For the longest time, probably since its inception, I always used to say “I could win that show.” Of course, I didn’t see myself as a morbidly obese individual. I saw myself the way I wanted to see myself. Most times, it was I could do anything. That was in my head. In reality, I couldn’t win that show back then. Now, knowing what I do and as motivated and passionate as I am about my own health, the other competitors wouldn’t stand a chance.

So you could then say that without Ideal Protein, I would be struggling like all of the others to lose weight. I don’t believe that is the case. Our bodies can do anything, and do anything we tell it to. For years, I told it to process chemical-infused food and watch television. So it did. It repaid me in the same way I treated it by gaining weight and becoming an unhealthy slob. Why wouldn’t it? For all my body knew, this is the way I wanted to be. I couldn’t wrap my head completely around the idea of good health, even though I had been there for years before. I didn’t have the confidence in knowing how once good nutrition was put in, NOW my body was on board with the program. It all starts with the head. Once that transformation happens, the rest just happens naturally. Why, then, is this not a popular choice? I can’t quite figure that part of it out. Maybe because bad health gives us a short-term euphoria, granting us control in a life that maybe is spinning out of control. Food was the one thing that I had control over. It never told me I was fat, unhealthy or belittled me. It never stared at me with disgust. It never made me feel inferior. It was the exact opposite. For the moment, when I was eating ice cream, or drinking a Mountain Dew, I lived in that moment. My brain told me that was exactly what it needed. I gave myself praise, as did my head. Doing this for years made me ill. Inside of my body, everything I put into my mouth was causing more and more damage. A good analogy is that my head was the “devil,” my body, the “angel.” The head always won. I hated that.

I have changed that thought process and it occurred almost immediately. I either was going to choose chronic disease, illness, medical bills and a shorter stay on this Earth, or I was going to choose life; the life God and all of my loved ones wanted me to have. Those that struggle with “diets” are setting themselves up for failure. There isn’t a diet on this planet that will fix what is going on in your head. Your mind will tell you everything you want to hear. It will convince you that tomorrow is a much better day to begin to get healthy, knowing full well that you will say the same thing tomorrow. It grins at your failure, selfishly tormenting you as it gets what it wants. It’s your mind to control. You either want to get better, or you don’t. It is that simple. If you overthink this process, then you are doing exactly what it takes to fail. Life or death. Choose one. Stick with it, whichever choice it is. There is a great statement that sticks with me as it pertains to just about everything in life. “Whether you can or you can’t, you’re right.” I got heavy by choosing what I knew was wrong, but I wasn’t looking at the long-term goal which is better health. Ideal Protein is not about weight loss. The weight loss is a bonus. Ideal Protein is about learning about nutrition, the benefits of healthy eating. It is about breaking you down, ending old habits replacing them with new ones. When you do that, either on Ideal Protein or not, the weight comes off. That is where your body wants to be. That is how your body is designed. Only you can change this paradigm. Step one is accepting the fact you are an obese individual. Then, how did you get here? It is a really easy thing to analyze. Maybe it was an emotional reaction to something tragic. Maybe it is every day stress. Next, what can you do about it? Is it something that you can change right now? Is it something that you can ever change? Finally, what are you going to do about it? The choice to choose the path to better health begins with the person staring back at you in the mirror. You are worth it. You have people that count on you, whether they are living or not. Ten years ago, is this the person you had in mind standing there today? Are you going to choose life or death? It is up to you.
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    I'm with you Brackencherry - it's up to me to choose and I, too, love that quote. I'm in it for the health and life changes. I'm also eager to be LEAN, FIT, STRONG and HEALTHY for the first time in a very, very long time! I'm eager to experience great health and fitness within my own body!

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    2204 days ago
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